Music Is Love

As well as this blog I have also created another website called Music Is Love.

Music Is Love is my start up online magazine that allows me to share my passion for music, by writing about the music that I love and the elements of music that are important to me. In doing so I hope that I have produced something that is interesting to other music lovers and other people that see music as a way of life rather than just part of it.

About Music Is Love


“Music is Love will embody and exude the unbridled passion of music fans. It will approach music as a love, a way of life, an identity, an integral part of life.

Nowadays fans and artists are breaking down the divide and becoming friends; fans are more actively involved in helping promote artists, almost to the point where they’ve replaced A&R and the need for a record label. The magazine will reflect the mutual love and respect artists and fans now share.

With Music Is Love I’d like to write about the bands and artists that I love and want to give that push so more people can hear their music, to be that small part of their journey. Music is my passion and it is to a lot of people, so I want to everyone to be involved; fans and bands alike, to express our love for music and the people who make it.”


*Unfortunately, I recently had to make the decision to shut down Music Is Love. The reason for this is that the website builder that I used (Moonfruit) is discontinuing its free product and becoming a fully paid for service. I paid for a two-year unique domain in the beginning, but because I made Music Is Love primarily for a university project – and I’d already had this blog for three years at that point – I don’t see it as necessary to opt into a paid plan again as I no longer use the site. However, because of this, I am slowly uploading my material from Music Is Love onto the blog. Please see below a list of the articles included on Music Is Love; any that have been uploaded to this blog will be hyperlinked and will appear pink.

Thank you for showing an interest in Music Is Love, and for your continued support on this blog. As I’ve said in previous posts, this is primarily a hobby and I don’t get paid for anything you see on here, so it’s awesome that people are reading my work :).


Pieces on Music Is Love:


Just Music? (a piece on cuts to the funding of arts education.)
With a Little Help From my Friends (an article on a fan-funding, including quotes from Versa’s Blake Harnage.)
Is The Live Scene Dying out? (how the live music scene has changed in recent years, due to a cultural shift of interest.)


Share and Share alike (an opinion piece on differences of opinion regarding music.)


Elissa Franceschi (I caught up with the songstress, ahead of her 2013 EP ‘Devoid of Rue.’)
Austin Nivarel (singer-songwriter that has now moved onto another project, interview has been pulled from both sites.)
The Product (now disbanded, the interview has been pulled from both sites.)

Bands You Should Know:

The Cab
The Summer Set
Cassadee Pope



The Summer Set – Maybe Tonight
(this is the longer, unedited version. Music Is Love as a project was under a strict word-count.)

All others included in a ‘Tracks I’m Loving’ post:
Justin Timberlake – Mirrors
Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man
Bastille – Pompeii
The Lumineers – Ho Hey
The 1975 – Chocolate
Gabrielle Aplin – Panic Chord
Taylor Swift – 22



The Music of Nashville: Original Soundtrack – Season 1 vol. 1 (included in my recent article on the show.)
Blake Shelton – Based on a True Story
Maroon 5 – Overexposed (review pulled from both sites)
Emeli Sande – Our Version of Events (review pulled from both sites)



Room 94 at Islington 02 Academy (w/ support from Orchard Hill, Stakeout and Sam Callahan.)


“Music is a way of life, not just a soundtrack to it.”


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  5. Music is the language of the heart, the sound of the soul. The more we understand it, the deeper the listening experience becomes.

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