Artists You Should Know: The Summer Set (Music Is Love Throwback)

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It may be April Fool’s Day but this is not a drill.

The Summer Set have wasted no time (see what I did there?) in the run up to the release of their brand-new album, dropping music videos for a number of songs including ‘Figure Me Out’, ‘Missin You’, ‘Jean Jacket’ and ‘Wasted’. In honour of ‘Stories For Monday’ being officially unveiled today, I thought I’d share with you a short profile I wrote a while back ahead of the release of the band’s previous offering ‘Legendary.’

I originally wrote this to feature on my other website, Music Is Love, which was part of a university project. Since graduating MIL isn’t something I’ve continued with, as I already had this blog for three years by that point, so I thought it’d be cool to share the pieces, on this site, from time to time.


Music Is Love welcome The Summer Set and their
infectious pop-punk party with open arms.

TSS press shot

The Summer Set are a pop-rock band hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona. The band – completed by Brian Dales on vocals, John Gomez on guitar, piano and back-up vocals, Josh Montgomery also on guitar, bassist Stephen Gomez and drummer Jess Bowen – are slowly building up a fan-base here in the UK. Their brand of energetic, fun pop-rock has so far proved a hit with audiences, the guys having played shows with We Are the in Crowd, Mayday Parade and All Time Low.

The band, formed by brothers John and Stephen, released their first full length album Love Like This in 2009, their second album Everything’s Fine in 2011. However after some re-evaluating the band switched labels in 2012, parting ways with Razor and Tie and Teaming up with Fearless Records (Mayday Parade, Bless the Fall) and are currently hard at work recording their new album. Singer, Brian Dales says of the upcoming release, “it’s going to come out sometime in the spring, hopefully, fingers crossed. We’re almost done. l like to go into every record as if it’s our first record, so it’s definitely different than Everything’s Fine, but it’s really fun, I think it’s a lot more fun, more high energy of a record. Everything’s Fine was a very sentimental record for us and I like that every record’s different.”

Their energy and fun is infectious both on and off record with catchy chorus’s and beats that have crowds bouncing along in no time. A Love Like This is proof of exactly that; a high octane whirlwind of colour and fun. Though, second album Everything’s Fine showed that the band weren’t afraid to mix it up a bit and show their sensitive side. But don’t worry, it’s still a feel good album, songs like ‘Must Be The Music’ and ‘Someone Like You’ project an infectious, warm beat that is hard not to get swept up into. Check your troubles at the door, Everything’s Fine.

After a hectic schedule, the guys took some time off last April to re-energize, which Brain says comes across in the show but “more importantly on the new record, I think taking a little break and kind of rejuvenating ourselves and writing new music, I think that break came through and we figured out exactly what kind of record we wanted to make, and we’re really excited about this one.”

Click here to see my interview with The Summer Set vocalist Brian Dales

Click here to see my interview with The Summer Set vocalist Brian Dales

The quintet have crossed the pond four times now, and are set to rack up another notch on the transatlantic tour belt with a headliner next month, kicking off in Oxford on May 20th and closing in Manchester on June 1st. So does that mean we can look forward to seeing more of these guys in the UK in the future? “Hope so” Brian teases, “I can see the momentum that’s kind of happening every time we come back, and I kinda want to capitalise on that; I think it’s getting a little bigger every time, and slow and steady’s kind of our thing.” They do say that slow and steady always wins the race, so let’s hope that this is the start of a beautiful friendship.


Have you listened to The Summer Set’s new album ‘Stories For Monday’ in its entirety yet? What’s your favourite song? I’d love to know your thoughts on it, so feel free to let me know in a comment. 🙂

Click to check out my previous reviews of ‘Figure Me Out’, ‘Missin You’ and ‘Jean Jacket’.

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