Tuesday Chats: Is Blogging A Hobby or Is Blogging My Job?

Hey everyone, and welcome to another of my Tuesday Chats.

In case you didn’t know ‘Tuesday Chats’ is a series I started earlier in the year because I noticed that, while my content is becoming more formal and professional, I don’t have many posts whereby I just chat to you and let more of my personality come through. Because of this, I wanted to incorporate a thread that’s a bit more informal where I can write chattier pieces about things that are on my mind, as opposed to articles and reviews which by nature have to be very structured.

Today I want to talk about something that I’ve touched on this a few times in previous uploads, but nevertheless get asked quite frequently by a lot of people, from musicians to people in my personal life. That is, whether blogging is just a hobby or if it’s my job.

If you’ve ever wondered if blogging is my job, my answer to you is, quite simply, no. I went to university and did a Music Journalism degree in the hope that I could make my living out of writing about music in some way, but no, blogging is not currently my job nor do I get paid for anything you see on here. However, I don’t think of blogging as ‘just’ anything. Even though I don’t earn money from my blog, it is something that I put a huge amount of time and effort into, simply because I enjoy it. It’s just me: my creative outlet.

My drive comes from my genuine love and passion for music, and wanting to share that music with, hopefully, someone who will take it to their heart and enjoy it just as much. I also hope to help my favourite bands and artists reach a wider audience so they can continue to make music – exposing people to something they may not have heard otherwise is just a bonus.

As such, I’m extremely grateful to anyone who takes the time to read something I’ve written – whether you follow me on social media or you just stumbled across my blog through search – because if there was no one reading during the, almost, seven years I’ve been doing this, I wouldn’t be able to. What would be the point?

Similarly, I can’t even explain how it feels when an artist I’ve written about ‘likes’, re-tweets or shares my work on social media, or reaches out to thank me or give me positive feedback on what I’ve written – it’s totally indescribable and I never feel entitled to it, or even expect it, so it’s always exciting when it happens. As I’ve said in previous blog posts, the reason I write about any artist is because, at the core of everything, I’m a fan of what they’re doing and there’s a certain amount of admiration and respect there. So, it means so much to me that an artist I admire likes my work enough to share it with their friends and fan-bases; to get any kind of positive feedback is an awesome thing for little ol’ me who sits in my bedroom and writes reviews about music that I’m passionate about, and want to share.

I’d love nothing more than to be a full-time blogger but, honestly, I’m just unsure about how to make that happen. People often mention, and I know of/follow, a lot of beauty bloggers/vloggers who do make their living online, however, music is a completely different industry. Beauty bloggers/vloggers can be paid by brands for ads and sponsored videos, whereas I can’t start charging artists for interviews and reviews because nobody would want to do it, nor would I want to. A lot of the artists I write about aren’t known in the mainstream yet, so I want to give them a helping hand, not take what little money they have from their pockets.

However, this is only the second year that I’ve been able to focus my time solely on my blogging. Previously, it had always come second to my degree or my job, and I can definitely see that reflected in the view-count. With that being said, I don’t plan on being unemployed forever; I hope to find a job where I can utilise my journalism skills, or at the very least find another career path that I enjoy and keep this as a hobby.

Some people may not necessarily like to hear it but, ideally, I’d love to make blogging my business, and that’s the truth. For some reason it seems to be frowned upon to admit that, like it’s a bit of a dirty word, but surely if you spend a lot of your time creating something why wouldn’t you want, potentially, the whole world to see it? It’s not to say that I want ‘fame and fortune’ at all, I’d just love to support myself with what I do online as I put so much into it.  Either way, I will continue to do what I love and I hope that my blog continues to go from strength to strength throughout this year and beyond.


Are you a blogger looking to monetise your platform? Or, did you turn your online presence into your career? How did you get started? Let’s start a discussion in the comments and maybe help each other out.

If you’re interested in reading my previous Tuesday Chat about whether or not I have the ‘right’ to talk about music, click here.


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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Chats: Is Blogging A Hobby or Is Blogging My Job?

  1. Hey Sophie,

    It was great to meet you and your family earlier this evening and I would have liked to chat with you more about what you do. I decided to look for your website when I got back and only just started to read a few pages but I can tell you are super passionate about music and I’ll certainly be reading more and keeping up with your musings!

    Unfortunately I can’t advise you on how to go about turning your love and passion here into a business that you can earn a living from but would love to help if I was able and knew the answers to help you get there. Sometimes, doing it because you love it just evolves into a business without you realising it is happening. I guess sponsorship and advertising from instrument and music equipment manufacturers could be a way to go?

    You seem like a beuatiful person with a big heart and I wish you the very best in your future endeavours, I’m confident you will find your way along the path to success!


    • Hi Mick, it was great to meet you too! Thank you for being interested enough to search online, and I’m glad that you like and enjoy what I do here. I do it because I love it, but it’s great when other people like what I do too.
      Aw, thank you! That’s very sweet, we can only try these things and see how it goes 🙂

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