Here is the work experience portion of my CV. If you’re interested in knowing more or wish to get in contact, please check out the links at the bottom of this post.


Highly ambitious and self-motivated Music Journalism graduate, with experience in marketing and social media management. Hard working, determined, and will always strive to complete every task to the best standard. Has been an active blogger for six ears and has sought out various contribution opportunities in that time. Participated in a week-long technology course, ‘Tech Camp’, after being shortlisted out of 100 applicants. Guest speaker at a 2015 business event at Bloomberg’s London offices, which also included businesses such as BBC and BskyB. Offers unparalleled enthusiasm and passion for the job.


  • Kerrang! Magazine. Work experience.  2009.

Tasks Included: Sorting/distributing post, sorting through feedback letters to decide which go on to the magazine feedback page, using computer to do research, writing practice (particularly for the ’Introducing’ feature)


  • Criminal Records. Intern.  2012.

Tasks included: Compiling databases for promotion or compiling acts for a showcase and video sourcing.


  • LAB Records. Freelance blogger. 2012.

The label have emailed me with new tracks or albums from their artists that they’d like me to review.


  • Gush 2012. Official blog partner. 2012

I was approached to be an official Blog Partner for Gush 2012, a concert in San Francisco featuring Mayday Parade, Hellogoodbye, and The Cab, after organizers found my blog online. Despite not being able to attend, as I’m based in the UK, I did post a short blog about the bands that were playing to promote the event. Check it out here.


  • BBM Live Magazine. Freelance Contributor. 2012.

I had my first pieces published in the form of two single reviews for BBM Magazine.
I had a review of Casablanca’s single ‘Yes’ published in the Oct issue, and a review of Nightworks’ track ‘Modern European’ published in the Nov issue.

Check out their website here:


  • Research Assistant for Terry Chimes. Volunteer. 2013.

I did a short stint as a freelance research assistant for Terry Chimes (Ex The Clash) with research for his second book.


  • South Bank London. Digital Marketing Assistant. 2014.

After successfully completing an eight week internship with the company, I was taken on as a member of staff on a fixed term basis. Main Tasks included: Managing social media platforms, and website updates.

The company’s Twitter account saw a growth of 700,000 followers (from 30,000 to 100,000) in the nine months I was managing it.


Freelance content writer, Music journalist and Blogger.


Alongside any other commitments, I aim to post one blog a week (maybe more if you’re lucky!) I love discovering new music so if you/your band would like a review or interview, feel free to get in touch 🙂


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