Even though this blog is like a portfolio in its-self, because I’ve been blogging for such a long time, I’m aware that there’s a lot of material on here… and sometimes you just don’t want to trawl through everything.

Plus, I feel like my writing has gotten stronger over the years, as has the way I present things on the blog, and there will inevitably be pieces that I like more than others. I always take a portfolio with me to journalism-based interviews, or I’ll send sample pieces attached to an email when applying for freelance work.

So, I just thought I’d make things easier and list the pieces that I include in my portfolio. Everything is hyperlinked so just click on a title to be taken to the piece; making everything quicker to find.


Me and My Disability

Single Reviews:
Lianne Kaye ‘Clear’
Alex Marshall ‘Hurricane’

Live Review:
You Me At Six Set Brixton on Fire

Album Review:
Ed Sheeran ‘X’

One to Watch:

Room 94 ‘Chasing The Summer’


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