rockersophz27.wordpress.com - bio picHey everyone, Sophie here.

I’m a Music Journalist, and I have an amazing passion for what I do. This blog allows me to share my passion for music,  by writing about the music that I love and the elements of music that are important to me. In doing so I hope that I have produced something that is interesting to other music lovers.

 Back in 2008 I was about to go into my second year of college and wasn’t really sure if I wanted to. I was anxious about studying for years for a career and then coming out of it and deciding I didn’t want to do it anymore, what I really wanted was some work experience. I sent out emails to a lot of different places, two of which were ‘I’m never going to get this but may as well try’ enquires. But my top pick, London’s Kerrang! magazine, emailed me back within a few days and while they didn’t have any placements that year I got a placement for summer 2009. Going into it I was really nervous but the atmosphere in the office was really relaxed; it wasn’t really like work. Katie P (introducing editor) ended up giving me a lot of articles to practice writing which I really enjoyed, one of which even she sent to the band, who raved about it, and printed a mock up in the K! style for me.


From then on I knew that that was what I wanted to do. After finding a university that offered a music journalism degree the day of ucas submission and hastily adding it to my list of choices, I found myself going there.

During my time at university I set up this music blog, which was a requirement of one of our projects at the time, but once the project was over I decided to keep going with it and start to build something that I could show to prospective employers. Because in truth, I enjoy what I do; to me it doesn’t feel like work because I get to do what I love, and the blog is my way of showing  that.

Having my blog has given me a lot more confidence as a person, and because of that I’ve approached many bands/managers/pr reps regarding interviews, and as a result have gotten to interview so many great bands that I believe in.

In 2012 I was approached to be a blog partner for an event in America called ‘Gush 2012’, which was a gig featuring artists like The Cab and Mayday Parade, after one of the organisers found my page via Google. Unfortunately I couldn’t actually go to the gig as I’m from the UK, but I did write a blog post about the event and the bands that were playing.

I have also been a contributor for BBM Magazine, which is an online and print magazine, mainly for the UK and Austrailia. I approached them for some work experience and, after being given a sample piece, contributed reviews in both their October and November issues. Which also resulted in me having my first published pieces in 2012.

 (See my ‘Work experience’ tab for other work I’ve done.)

I like to write about the bands and artists that I love, and want to give that push so more people can hear their music, to be that small part of their journey. Music is my passion and the blog is my way of expressing my love for music and the people who make it.

No one no matter how hard they try, will ever understand how deep my love and passion for music runs. It’s something I’ll never truly be able to do justice with words.

Other places to find me:

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*Oh and I’ll just add right now in regards to my use of pictures/videos on the blog, no copyright infringement is intended. I got all my pictures off of google images,  facebook, and/or Twitter, and the videos that are not mine are from Youtube. If you would like them removed let me know on the ‘contact’ page and I shall do so 🙂

Sophie x


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