Music is Love: One Love Manchester

Benefit concert ‘One Love Manchester’ proves that music brings people together in the wake of recent terror attacks in the UK.

Hey everyone,

I’ve been a little bit quiet lately, but if you follow me on my social media then you’ll know that I, like many others, tuned into BBC One’s coverage of the ‘One Love Manchester’ benefit concert on Sunday June 4th. Held at Old Trafford Cricket Ground, thousands of fans gathered at the charity event organised by pop singer Ariana Grande, to honour and raise funds for victims of the recent terror attack which took place after one of her shows in the city, killing 22 people and injuring hundreds more.

Being a music lover, I find solace and comfort in my favourite songs and will never be able to describe the feeling that can only come from truly connecting with a track, and being able to relate to someone else’s words on such a deep level. By extension, going to gigs is a way of celebrating and experiencing the joy and atmosphere that only a live show can bring. As I sat watching ‘One Love Manchester’ the poignancy of the whole event really hit me, even through my TV screen – and you’d only have to glance at Twitter to see that I wasn’t the only one.

I see concerts as a place of magic, of community, of belonging. There’s always the sense that, whatever you’re going through is left at the door and for those few hours, nothing else matters. Nothing but the music and the atmosphere that surrounds you. Coming together with total strangers but being united in the fact that you all believe in something, you all believe in this. ‘One Love Manchester’ really embodied that spirit, and showed that hate and fear will never overpower it.

Katy Perry’s words at One Love Manchester

There was a sense of strength and resilience at the core of the whole show; the artists playing tracks with powerful, inspirational vibes. From Robbie Williams’ moving renditions of ‘Strong’ and classic track ‘Angels’, to Katy Perry’s sassy performance of ‘Part of Me’, the message was clear: we will not be beaten. We will not be afraid.

Headliner Ariana Grande shared the stage with many of the other acts involved, including coming together with Miley Cyrus for a duet of Crowded House track ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’, as well as joining forces with Coldplay to wow the audience with a heartfelt cover of popular Oasis number, ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger.’

The 23 year old starlet also joined The Black Eyed Peas onstage for a performance of their 2003 number one single ‘Where Is The Love’. Upon its release the song topped the charts in 13 countries – including the UK where it occupied the number one spot for seven weeks – and is the epitome of the reason for the entire event. Lyrically, it addresses mindless acts of terrorism and asks, where is the love and compassion we should have for each other as human beings; making it as relevant now as it was back then.

Throughout every single act – including the likes of Little Mix, Niall Horan, Pharrell Williams, and Liam Gallagher – the 50,000 strong crowd sang, danced, and cried along to every single word. Many of the artists gave heartfelt speeches and were also overcome with emotion during their sets, none more so than Grande herself. As the night drew to a close, the young talent welcomed all the artists to the stage and thanked them for being involved, before launching into a heart-wrenching performance of her track ‘One Last Time’ – giving a goosebumps-inducing meaning to the song.

I have a huge amount of respect for Ariana Grande for organising the event and to all the artists who took part in some way, the entire concert overflowed with emotion and the love hung thick in the air – whether you were there or watching at home. Grande ended the night with a powerful version of ‘Over The Rainbow’, a beautiful moment that saw her become tearful. As she thanked and told the audience she loved them, it was evident that she herself is still deeply affected by what happened two weeks ago, but her spirit in organising the show and carrying on in spite of that is undisputedly endearing.

There is absolutely no denying the poignancy of the show as a whole, and of live music in general. To be so wrapped up in a song, to be able to scream the words at the top of your lungs because it means so much to you; and then to hear hundreds of other people doing the exact same thing, for the same reason is an amazingly moving feeling. The beautifully haunting sound of all the voices blending into one is truly something to be experienced and, in this particular incidence, knowing the reasons behind One Love Manchester: paying tribute to those who were lost or injured in the attack, you couldn’t not be moved by it.

Did you catch ‘One Love Manchester’ on BBC One last Sunday? What did you think of the show? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. 🙂


Journaling In January: My Top 6 Favourite Covers

Good evening readers,

I wrote a Journaling In January post at the start of the month about cover versions of songs and my thoughts on them in general (if you haven’t seen that post click here.) I’m a total sucker for a really good cover; I love it when an artist can breathe new life into a song and transform it, whether that be by modifying the arrangement, switching up the vocal style, or completely changing the genre of the song.

It is a hard job to take a track people already know and turn it on its head, to attempt to re-write people’s perceptions of it and make it good. It’s easy to make a bad cover, it’s harder to make one that’s so good it rivals the original.

When I started compiling this list I slightly took for granted how difficult it was going to be, given that there are a lot of covers out there that I like. For that reason I decided not to include covers from TV talent shows – I.E The Voice and The X Factor – as well as the fact that if I did, this list would just go on forever. Instead, I have simply opted for the ones that have stuck in my mind, because they must have made a lasting impression for a reason right?


#6 Harder to Breathe  – Anavae and Tides (originally by Maroon 5)

While not a million miles away from the original version, the arrangement of this cover makes the track sound fuller and gives it more dimension. The guitar has also been amped up which gives more of a straight rock feel. This version turns the track into a duet consisting of both male and female vocals, the strength of the two voices complimenting each other brilliantly and working with the instrumental to add light and shade throughout.


#5 The Liar and the Lighter – Gabrielle Aplin
(originally by You Me At Six)

This takes the guitar-lead, raw-sounding original and completely transforms it into an understated yet powerful, almost haunting, track. The addition of the piano and high female vocals add a certain poignancy, and the arrangement works to give a whole new emotionality to the lyrics.


#4 Wrecking Ball – James Arthur (originally by Miley Cyrus)

This stripped back piano-led version of Cyrus’s hit Wrecking Ball, sees the X Factor winner put his soulful stamp on the UK number 1 single… and what a powerful stamp it is. If you’re not a fan of Miley Cyrus, or the song, I recommend listening to this cover because it may just change your mind.


#3 Empty Space – Rogue Re Vera (originally by The Story So Far)

If you follow me on any social media, or if you’re a regular visitor to my blog, then you may know that I’ve been really into this band lately. I actually included this in a previous Tracks I’m Loving post so rather than repeat myself – because what I have to say would be much the same – simply click HERE if you’d like to know why this cover made it into my Top 6.


#2 Give Me Love – Demi Lovato (originally by Ed Sheeran)

Simply put, this is a beautiful cover of a great song. The whole thing has a compelling sense of emotional honesty to it. The delicate sounding verses add a sense of vulnerability, while the middle-eight adds a whole new dynamic, beautifully showing off the power-house vocals that Lovato possesses.


#1 Uptown Funk – Against the Current ft. Set It Off (originally by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars)

This is my most recent discovery; orchestral pop-rockers Set It Off and fellow pop-rock three piece Against the Current, teamed up for this cover of Uptown Funk – and it’s pretty great. I was dubious at first, I didn’t think I’d ever hear a cover of this song that even came close to the original, but I love the rock edge that these two bands have given it. Chrissy Costanza’s strong and powerful vocals add a whole new vibe to the track, and Set It Off’s Cody Carson is as sassy as ever, his smooth, unique vocals harboring a slight R’n’B twinge. The two complement each other brilliantly and I can’t get enough of it at the moment.


Ok so, I’m kind of breaking my own rule here but I couldn’t end this post without mentioning this song somewhere. If you’re a fan of The Voice USA then you may know that ex-Hey Monday frontwoman Cassadee Pope captured the nation’s heart when she won the competition back in 2012. Pope delivered an unrivalled vocal performance on the show each week and sang some amazing covers, but there was one that has always stood out to me more so than most.

Pope’s cover of Country singer-songwriter Miranda Lambert’s emotional ballad Over You completely turned the tides. Praised by all four celebrity coaches for her ability to connect with the lyrics and convey the poignancy of the song, as well as her astounding range, the cover also went on to top the ITunes all-genre chart – and it’s easy to hear why.

This cover gives me chills every time I hear it and I can’t help but get a little teary-eyed. I think that if a track has the ability to have such a strong effect no matter how many times you’ve heard it, it’s definitely a mark of something great.


Thank you for reading my Top 6 Covers, and I hope that it maybe inspired you to give some of the songs a try. What do you think of the covers? Are there any covers that you think  I should know about? Do you have a favourite cover that has always stuck in your mind? Let me know in a comment, I’d love to hear what you think.

Tracks I’m Loving

Hey everyone,

Thanks for stopping by. First thing’s first, I hope you all had a great Christmas and Boxing day, and were able to spend it with the people that mean most to you.

I thought about doing a post before Christmas thanking everyone – whether it be readers, managers, PR reps, or band members – for allowing me to do interviews or giving me positive feedback on reviews, supporting my blog throughout the year and allowing me to do what I love. However, I thought it would make more sense for me to do that closer to new year, so I can go into the new year with that.

So, for now I’m just posting a ‘Tracks I’m loving’ with my most recent picks that I constantly have on repeat right now, aside from Xmas favourites like Fairytale of New York by The Pogues and Michael Buble’s Christmas (Baby Please Come Home.) 😉

You Me At Six – Fresh Start Fever


The lads from Surrey are back with the fiery second single from their highly anticipated fourth album, Cavalier Youth.

Musically, Fresh Start Fever is very in-keeping with previous single Lived A Lie, in that it strays further away from the carefree pop/punk sound that we first fell in love with, and into the more mature pop/rock territory of previous album Sinners Never Sleep. The lyrics also seem to somewhat reflect this transition, “Everybody loves the original, everybody’s got time to be cynical.”

The verses have a very dark and tense quality, giving the chorus even more of an eruptive feel, relieving the pent-up aggression and injecting some positivity into the song. “Welcome to the future, dream a little bigger.” It’s a track that has plenty of fire in its belly and will not be deterred, it’s a fresh start fever.

From the pop/rock sounds of YMAS to hip-hop…


Jurassic Five ft. Nelly Furtado – Thin Line


So, I’m pretty sure we all have that one friend of the opposite sex that we get on really well with, yet everyone else can’t wrap their heads around the fact that you’re not together. You might joke around and have a bit of playful banter back and forth but that’s all it is, yet no matter how many times you say that you’re just friends people just don’t get it.  Well that’s pretty much where my liking of this song comes from.

It flows really well and it’s really easy to listen to, with a steady beat that gives the track some bounce. Nelly Furtado’s vocals give it a lighter, more melodic feel against the deeper male rap-style voices, and it’s got some great lyrics, “my pen drips as I scribble my thoughts on thin strips, of emotion.”

Even if you’re not the biggest hip-hop fan, I’d say give this song a listen, it may surprise you.


Demi Lovato – Neon lights


I love me some Demi Lovato, and this track is no exception. Her newest single Neon Lights is an up-tempo dance track that see’s her treading new ground, moving away from pop music and into ‘club banger’ territory, with electro-pop, dance and EDM influences.

The track has a great beat and the chorus has a synth based rhythm that I dare you to stand still to. Lovato’s vocals are stellar as always and also see her pushing boundaries as she belts the chorus’, and it works.

It’s fun, and infectious…I can’t get enough at the moment.


Room 94 – When I Was A Teenager


Hertfordshire based pop/rockers Room 94 are at it again. Their newest single from upcoming debut album No Strings Attached is – in true Room 94 style – fun, bursting with youthful energy, and just a little bit cheeky.

The track opens with a lilting riff that will instantly make you think of summer holidays and hot days chilling by the pool, and the lyrics tell playful tales of carefree mischief. “All I wanted was a fake ID, so I could drink beer with my KFC.” The chorus kicks things up a notch as it slams through, full of typical teenage defiance, “don’t tell me to sort it out like I’m 33, ‘coz I had life all figured out when I was 16.”

It’s full of attitude which could see it become a teenage anthem, and while it admittedly may not be their best song, it’s definitely fun, and Room 94 are all about partying and having a good time.


Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball


I know this is going to be a controversial choice but I like it. When most people think of Wrecking Ball they think of the music video, am I right? I’ll admit that the nature of the music video was a bit much, like ‘was that really necessary?’, but I feel like the controversial content of the video has completely overshadowed the song its self.

At its core it’s a beautifully poignant power ballad about trying to hold onto someone. Now, I don’t know if I’m biased because I can hugely relate to the song lyrically, but I feel like there’s now a preconception of Miley Cyrus whereby people may not like her behaviour so they’ll immediately write off her music as well. But if you can get past who’s singing it, the story of the song is heart-wrenching and extremely relatable.

If you don’t like the song that’s fair enough, but I sometimes think that lyrically it’s been overlooked because, I personally think it’s stunning.


Ed Sheeran – Give Me Love


Do I even need to explain this? It’s beautiful. Simple as.


  • My top 3 albums of 2013
  • New Year Thank you’s 🙂

Tracks I’m loving.

Right so I decided to do these shorter versions of the ‘playlist series’ for songs I can’t get enough of and have constantly (not literally but ya’know) on repeat. So, You know the drill…

The Fray – Never Say Never.

Haunting Piano, Great vocals and range there-of, Amazing lyrics…what else do you need?

Lights – February Air (Acoustic)

Ok, so what to say about Lights? She’s not very mainstream (or not that I’m aware of) and I must admit, I don’t like her normal electronic style; her vocals either sound too high or too low and she sounds as though she’s put through auto tune.
However, her acoustic sessions on YouTube prove that she really doesn’t need the frills and gimmicks and she sounds so much better with her natural vocals. I think this song proves that point, she shows good range and the inclusion of high notes in the chorus add to its beauty, and lyrically I think it’s flawless. Very catchy song that showcases Lights’ genuine singing talent.

Take a look? :

Bruno Mars – Grenade

Ok so, for one, Bruno Mars’ voice is perfect! It’s so smooth and flawless, it’s like it glides, you never hear his voice wavering or cracking when he tries to hit high notes and it seems so effortless, but at the same time with a lot of passion (particularly in the chorus’) which makes it very easy to listen to.
Lyrically I’d say the chorus is more prominent than the rest of the song, but in most cases the chorus is the ‘hook’ IE. the most catchy part of the song. I’ll admit, they’re not the best lyrics I’ve ever heard, but they work. (and Mars’ voice alone can make up for the shortfalls!)

The subject matter of the song once again centres around his feelings for a partner and it’s one of those songs that a girl would hear and think ‘ I want Bruno Mars to sing that to me! ‘ …or at least I would! haha.
So good song with absolutely flawless vocals! Love it! 

Pink – Fucking Perfect

Pink’s songs never cease to amaze me! They’re always very beautiful with a huge element of honesty and truth to them; like she’s not afraid to say how she feels and open up about issues in her songs. I’ve loved all her previous work, including the ‘I’m Not Dead’ album, which seemed to show more of the emotional and personal side to things. Her songs had done before – for example, ‘Don’t let me get me’ and ‘Just like a pill’ – but this album seemed more centred around personal issues, for example, ‘Conversations with my 13-year-old self ‘and ‘Dear Mr. President’.
This song seems to continue into that thread, and the video in particular shows the dark side of being made to feel “Less than perfect” which is a huge issue in society with people feeling the pressure to fit in, and Pink seems like she’s always been a bit of a mis-fit, which is the great thing about her as she’s her own person and isn’t afraid to be herself.

I think that is a great message to promote and this is a very touching song about self acceptance and it’s sung with such emotion that it is another song that shall be one of Pink’s best.

Miley Cyrus – Who Owns My Heart?

I’m just on a bit of a Miley Cyrus kick right now! I’ve always liked the ‘Miley’ side of things as opposed to the ‘Hannah’ side of things, so songs like ‘See You Again’, ‘Seven Things’ and more recently ‘fly on the wall’, ‘Can’t be Tamed’ and ‘WhenBruno  I look at you’.
I think it’s good that she is trying to break out of the Disney thing and be seen as Miley, even though it has taken a while. 

Yes, her style is changing and she has been getting criticism for it, but she’s growing as an artist and as a person getting older and growing up so she does have a right to change, and a lot of the things you see, like the clothes she wears or how she dances, isn’t much different to how the majority of girls today do things anyway.
I love the song and think she sings it well and personally, I think she looks absolutely stunning in the video!


The Last Song: Movie Thoughts/Review

So, I watched the movie adaptation of ‘The Last Song’, and if you’ve read my last entry on my reading the book, I’m sure you can understand that I was sceptical about seeing the movie. But, with that being said, there was a bigger part of me that was curious to see it, and I enjoyed it, but I did feel like there was something missing.

The aesthetics of the movie were everything I’d imagined it to be, from the beach house, the carnival, will’s home…were all depicted visually as I’d imagined as well as being more beautiful – as did the characters, bar a few such as: Scott, Marcus & co, Blaze and Ashley.

For some reason I’d imagined Scott to be the opposite of Will, so brown hair, brown eyes, however, still quite built, maybe a little bit more so than Will. Though, what I was met with was, what I felt was, a scrawnier, more annoying and lesser attractive version of Will (played by Liam Hemsworth.)

Also Marcus and his gang; ok, maybe not so much his gang as they are quite forgettable, as they have no real purpose in the story other than being Marcus’s henchmen – I felt were a bit of a let down after reading the book, as Marcus is described as being quite big with loads of tattoos, quite and overbearing character, so much so that Ronnie sees him as scary. However, in the movie he is much more ‘pretty boy with a slight edge’, and I felt he didn’t carry the same vibe or have that substance to him that the Marcus in the book is described as having.

As well as this, Blaze looked completely different to how I’d imagined her, I don’t know why but I’d Imagined her as being quite short, with a short black and choppy haircut, more of the look of a scared girl who couldn’t look after herself but was desperately trying to hide it behind rebellion. However, in the movie she just looked ill, almost like a drug addict, I mean I know she’s not supposed to look flushed with good health but still.

And lastly Ashley, I just envisaged her to look more slight and cutesy, like I know she has that bitchy streak running through her, but in the movie I thought she looked very bitter, twisted and just not as pretty and cutesy as I’d imagined, but that’s just down to personal imagination.

However, apart from these instances the characters were near enough described down to the wire of how I’d imagined them, which again shows, the quality of Sparks’ writing to paint pictures in people’s minds.

Also, they missed a lot from the book out – which in most cases is a given as you can’t possibly include everything – however, I feel that some things could’ve been made time for as it would’ve given the movie a bit more of a serious substance throughout, rather than centering around the love story for the main part of the movie and then adding in the serious element near the end, sort of like it’s just been tacked on in there.

For instance, (and this is just all off of the top of my head…) the shoplifting incident was made to be less of a big deal than it could’ve been, using a bracelet instead of the multitude of valuable collectables the book describes – therefore making the crime worse – and because of this the subsequent court appearances were scrapped, which was a big part of Ronnie’s rebellion, making it more serious than just typical, sulky teenage rebellion.

As well as this alot of content concerning Will’s brother Mikey wasn’t included, such as the IMTF (in my thoughts forever) bracelet and the connection between that incident, Will’s friend Scott, and the subsequent power Scott seems to exert over Will regarding the fire at the parish. In the movie, the twist in which the real perpetrator is revealed is scrapped, which is what originally led me to think that Scott would’ve been built differently to Will; as in the book they have a few altercations regarding the subject. Scott is also a lot more vehement in his argument, but in the movie he just kind of gives in, as I get the impression that Scott knows Will could take him in a fight.

Also, whilst Ronnie’s turbulent relationship with her dad is highlighted, the hiding of the piano in the alcove wasn’t which later plays a part in Ronnie mending the relationship with him in the form of finishing his song.

Other things I felt could’ve been included just for dramatic effect and tension to give the movie a bit more substance were: Will’s sister’s speech to Ronnie, Blaze’s mishap with the lighter fluid, and the original ending from the book, as it shows Ronnie’s personal journey as well as how love can be maintained over time.

All of these elements could’ve given the film a more serious element rather than making the film into a typical teenage romance movie, when the book is anything but. Yes, it is a love story but it centres more so around the drama.

However, this doesn’t make the existing film bad, as, as I said, I liked it, it did just feel it could’ve been made into less of a cheese fest and more of a drama. Speaking of, I loved Miley Cyrus’s performance in the movie as it showcased her talent as a serious actress rather than her ‘Hannah Montanna’ counterpart that everyone knows her for and type-casts her as. However, I think the inclusion of her singing talent (maroon 5’s ‘She Will Be Loved’) was a bit obvious and felt like it was just thrown in there, that’s not to say it wasn’t good, I just felt it was a bit unnecessary.

But as I said, I really did enjoy the film, and if you haven’t read the book you’d probably enjoy it, (as I did with A Walk to Remember) however, if you are a die-hard fan of the book and have high expectations for the movie you may come away from it feeling a little disappointed.

My advice is to not go into it with any expectations and just have a completely open mind to it. 🙂


Tracks I’m loving right now.

Hey everyone…long time no…talk, I guess.

I Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year 🙂

I’ll be honest I really had no idea what to blog about for a while, and I didn’t want to be predictable and blog about xmas stuff as I can imagine everybody was doing that, and whilst I was home I just wanted to take a break from everything and be with my loved ones.

But I thought I’d keep this ‘Tracks I’m loving’ as an ongoing thing as I’m always discovering and falling in love with songs.

(NB: These songs are not necessarily new releases, they’re just tracks I can’t get enough of at the moment.
Also, they are in no particular order…it’s just what pops into my head haha.)


For The First Time – The Script
I love everything I’ve heard by the script so far, as it’s so honest and real, not to mention beautiful, and this song just punches a little way above everything they’ve done so far, with its catchy ‘ooh ooh ooh’ refrain it’ll stay in your head long after you’ve heard it.

When I look at you – Miley Cyrus
Ok so this may seem like an odd choice for me, and alot of people may be skeptical about it but, I recently started reading Nicholas Spark’s ‘The Last Song’ which was turned into a movie starring Miley last year.
So naturally I wanted to see the movie trailer…and I heard this really amazing melody in the background of the trailer, so I did some searching and found it was this song. So I listened to it and OH MY, I just fell in love with it, I thought it  was so amazing and so beautiful and so…real, like the lyrics are really relatable i think, and you can imagine  that being somebody’s life,  or feeling that way or remember a time when you did feel that way. And alot of people only see Miley for her Hannah Montanna alter ego, but I  think this song proves she does have some genuine talent there. 

Billionaire – Travis MCCoy Ft. Bruno Mars
This song reminds me of the start to my new year. It was the first song of 2011 that my friends and I listened to and the atmosphere was just amazing. I felt so contented with my life and surrounded by my friends laughing with each other and having a good time, I just got the feeling 2011 would be good, and now everytime I hear this song I get that feeling and I can’t stop smiling. Also, the lyrics, despite being in cheek most of the time, are very inclusive to everyone, and what you could do for the greater good and I like that, as it’s not as selfish as it could’ve been made to be.

I’m Your Angel – Celine Dion ft. R Kelly
It’s just adorable, you could imagine this being a song a couple would call ‘theirs’ or something someone would have as their first dance, and with it having a female and male vocalist, it’s like a call and response: demonstrating how in tune the couple are with each other and how they feel for one another. And with vocalists like Dion and Kelly the melodies and harmonies are beautiful, that coupled with the musical arrangement and lyrics make it very moving.

Forget you – Cee Lo Green
A great uplifting song for if you’ve just got over someone and are starting to enjoy yourself again.
It’s one of those songs that doesn’t dwell on the self pity and is quite cathartic without being too ‘heavy’ in its message, like if you’re out and in a club dancing to it with your friends you can have a little laugh and enjoy yourself without being bogged down.

Miami to Ibiza – Swedish house mafia ft. Tinie Tempah
I love all of Tinie Tempah’s stuff I’ve heard so far, it’s so energetic and it’s great for dancing to when out with your friends.

Cooler than me – Mike Posner
I think everyone knows someone who they would like to sing this to, I find it quite funny. ❤

Love the way you lie part 2 – Rhinanna ft Eminem
I Love the lyrics of this, particularly the first stanza, before the chorus as I feel that the words are gorgeous, also, I feel the lyrics could be applied to any relationship, not just one of literal violence (which is the vibe I get from this song) but just any relationship that is very intense, with two very strong and stubborn characters at the centre of things.
I also like how it starts off very pure with just a piano backing, and the rest of the arrangement comes in with the chorus, as I think that accentuates the lyrics, and I also like how Eminem’s part starts off quite quietly and then explodes with ‘so I can push you off me’, to me that kind of demonstrates how issues build quietly for a while but eventually explode.  All in all great song, I think I actually like it better than part 1!

Run Away – Devlin
A song with genuine feeling talking about feelings and events that can and do happen to people.
You could imagine this being somebody’s life.

Conversations with my 13 year old self  – Pink
Ya’know the saying ‘If I knew then , what I know now’ ? this song is that. It’s Pink saying what she would’ve said to herself at 13 had she known what she does now, and it kind of makes you realise that if you’re in a rough patch, it can get better. Pink is an amazing musician and this demonstrates Pink’s amazing genuine talent at what she does.   

Eyes Wide Shut – JLS ft. Tinie Tempah
Guilty pleasure ❤
The lyrics are cute and it showcases that JLS have great voices, it’s also very different (the inclusion of Tinie Tempah and the ‘Club’ sound.) Love it!