Laurrhie Brouns – Ascension: Golden Seeds Of Light (Introducing & EP Review)

Ex The Voice of Holland contestant Laurrhie Brouns shows that this is her time to rise.

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Meet upcoming talent Laurrhie Brouns; if you watch the Holland edition of popular TV talent show ‘The Voice’, chances are that name may already be familiar. However, if like me you’re based in the UK – or any other country for that matter – and haven’t even heard Laurrhie’s name before…Well, that’s all about to change.

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The Haitian/Dutch singer-songwriter released her EP, ‘Ascension: Golden Seeds Of Light’, at the tail-end of 2016, having written it herself as well as acting as co-producer and executive producer of the project. Describing her sound as ‘Eurokpop’, Brouns says, “this is a completely new genre that I created myself.” Fusing together elements from all of her influences, including K-Pop, Pop, R&B, Soul and Hip-Hop, she has created something rather distinctive. Brouns also taught herself to read and write Korean in order to successfully incorporate the K into the K-pop aspect of her sound, which can be heard in snippets throughout the EP; something she describes as “forming a musical bridge between the East and West.”



As soon as you hit play, it’s apparent that ‘Ascension: Golden Seeds Of Light’ has a futuristic, electronic vibe with K-pop accents, drenched in soul. Add in some beat-driven, addictive choruses and an overall uplifting quality, and you’ll get a feel for where this EP is going.

Opening number ‘Taboo’ kicks things off with a lively and fiercely bold feel; Brouns exudes confidence and is extremely unapologetic – and with vocals like these she has every right to be. Switching between her soulful lower register and her chills-inducing higher register effortlessly, it showcases her range brilliantly and sets the tone for the record.

This assertive attitude can also be heard in second track ‘Collective Upgrade’, during which listeners get their first taste of two languages coming together and how those short accents work within the arrangement. Laurrhie’s powerhouse pipes also come out in full force during the chorus – showing the dynamics of her vocals even more so.

‘Rise’ marries a sense of fiery determination with a soulful chorus and inspiring lyrics, while ‘True North’ slows things down a little and plays up the soul. EP closer ‘Astral Plane’ is the mellowest of the bunch, with things getting progressively softer as the record goes on. The piano-led arrangement, coupled with Laurrhie’s vocals, creates a dreamy sound that brings the EP to an end perfectly.

Overall, ‘Ascension: Golden Seeds Of Light’ brings together elements of multiple different genres and blends the sounds together seamlessly – languages and all. The soulful, R&B vocals really compliment the instrumentals whilst having the power to stand out, everything coming together to create something unique with bags of positivity.

Brouns has said that through her original brand of soulful European K-Pop she hopes to “comfort, uplift and inspire”, adding “it is my intention that when you listen to my music it will lift you up…soothe you, bring you joy…move your heart and stir your soul in every way, and activate the evolution of you.”


As well as the EP, Brouns also has some high-profile performance experience under her belt, including multiple performances at the Amsterdam Arena – in front of 50,000 people, no less – and participating in a club tour across the Netherlands, which saw her share the stage with soulful R&B powerhouse Emeli Sande and Bob Marley’s band The Wailers. In 2012, she also went on to become a contestant on The Voice Of Holland; her powerful rendition of David Guetta’s dance track ‘Without You’ impressing the judges so much that she had her pick of the bunch. During her time in the competition, Brouns’ sensational performances saw her become a favourite among viewers and dubbed ‘the one to watch.’

Alongside this, she has also ventured into other creative avenues; swapping music for the big screen in – Dutch film-maker Lodewicjk Crijns’ 2012 project – ‘Alleen Maar Nette Mensen’ (‘Only Decent People’), in which she played the character of Shandra. Brouns was also accepted into the National Ballett Academy, where she danced in ‘Die Zauberflote’ (The Magic Flute.)

So, what’s next for Laurrhie Brouns? Recently billed by – UK Blog Awards 2017 nominee – Liquid Entertainment Online as their ‘Verge of Stardom’ artist, her talent has been compared to the likes of household names Adele, Beyoncé, and Alicia Keys, but with a unique twist. All of this begs the question: how is she not a mainstream artist, gaining regular radio-play and a well-deserved spot amongst the big names in the industry? I could see her sitting quite comfortably alongside the likes of Emeli Sande – an influence you can hear in her vocals. One thing’s for sure though, I can predict only great things for this amazingly talented lady.


Favourite tracks:



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‘Ascension: Golden Seeds Of Light’ is available now from online downloading and streaming services.


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Exciting Things Have Been Happening!

Hey everyone, how’s it going?

If you’re a regular reader here then you may’ve noticed that I haven’t been posting as much in recent weeks. One of the main reasons for that is because the sun’s been out and, as my fellow UK-ers will know, British summer time is very hit-and-miss; you’ve got to enjoy it while you can because it’s never around for long. Case in point: it’s raining today.

Anyway, I just wanted to sit down and write a bit more of a spontaneous, chatty post and talk about a few really exciting things that have happened recently, as well as filling you in on what I have coming up over the next few months. I was originally planning to film these as two separate videos, like I did with my Rogue Re Vera thank you video, but I’m just not in a position where I have time to sit and film and edit at the moment – writing is so much quicker!

So, as you may remember, at the tail end of last year I posted a review of young aspiring rapper WaltzzUk – real name Liam Stewart – after he contacted me via this very blog. If you can’t remember back that far don’t worry, click here to check it out. A few weeks ago Liam sent me some things to say thank you for what I’d written, and for agreeing to be involved in his next project in terms of reviewing what he has coming.

Inspire to Inspire

As you can see, Liam sent me a signed copy of his 11 track EP ‘Inspire to Inspire’ with an inspirational quote written on the sleeve, an ‘Inspire to Inspire’ wristband, and a handwritten note; again, thanking me for my previous review and saying that he’s pleased that I’ll be continuing to review his material.

As I’ve said before on this blog, I never expect anything like this, I just choose to write about music and artists that I admire and believe in, in the hope that others who come across my little corner of the internet will hear something worth believing in too. It’s an amazing feeling when someone I’ve written about takes the time to Tweet me or send me a message saying they like what I’ve written, let alone send me anything, so I would just like to say thank you to Liam and reiterate that I really do appreciate it – hopefully one day I’ll be able to say thank you in person.

Ahead of the release of his upcoming EP, the young rapper also recently released an exclusive remix of Craig David’s ‘One More Time’, entitled ‘London and Back’, with an accompanying music video detailing WaltzzUK’s journey from his hometown of Ipswich to the fast-paced hustle and bustle of London. Check it out below.

As well as that, if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter then you may’ve seen that I also had some of my work published last month (insert many dancing girl emoji’s here.) In recent months I’ve posted a few blogs about a band based in Spain’s Costa Blanca called Snowblind; I included their song Memories in a ‘Tracks I’m Loving’, I did a ‘One to Watch’/album review on their self-titled debut offering, and most recently reviewed their set at Camden’s Dublin Castle while they were over here on a UK tour.

After I uploaded the live review I was contacted by an employee of a publication called QR Magazine, based in Spain. The person expressed interest in using my article in both the digital and print versions of the magazine if I was willing, and I was put in contact with the editor. My review was then printed in the May edition of the free magazine, and it looked pretty damn good; I was really pleased with how it turned out and I love how everything was laid out on the page.

Snowblind review in QR

Snowblind review in QR

Sophie Brown in QR magazine

QR were also kind enough to send me a few copies of the magazine, and I was ecstatic to actually have a physical copy in my hands. It’s really surreal to think that people who pick up this magazine will see my review; I know that I post things on this blog for people to read but seeing something in black and white and holding it in your hands is a totally different feeling. So, again, I’d like to thank the team at QR for liking my piece enough to print it, and for expressing interest in me possibly contributing more. I’ve only had two other pieces published aside from this one, and ultimately my goal is to find a full-time editorial position so I can make my living writing about music, so I’m grateful for the opportunity.

In other news, I just wanted to say that I have a lot of posts planned for the next few months; including bringing back a thread I started last year known as ‘Jammin’ In July’, and completing my ‘Throwback Thursday’ series, charting the evolution of my taste in music. I also have some interviews and other things in the works, but I don’t want to say too much just yet in case they fall through last minute. Just know that things are coming and I’m really excited to get started on them!


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