Book Club: The 50 Shades Series.

When Anastasia Steele falls into wealthy business man Christian Grey’s office, a relationship she – or he – never anticipated begins.
NB – this review isn’t going to go into massive detail or be spoiler-ridden, as the book is very graphic.

Ok so I gave in and read this popular series – don’t judge, and I have to say that in my opinion it isn’t as bad as some people think. I really really enjoyed it.
Anastasia Steele is a fairly normal girl, who is “drafted” by her best friend Kate to conduct an interview for their college newspaper, which Kate is the editor of, when Kate is ill.  When she meets the insanely wealthy, and beautiful, business man Christian Grey, he comes across as suave, mysterious, and a little bit of a control freak. Despite these feelings Ana really wants to see Christian again, and apparently so does he, as he turns up at her workplace a few days later. After a drunk evening phone-call, the two become closer, and throughout the series Ana discovers things about Christian – and herself – that shock and, at times, frighten her.

50 Shades Of Grey, sets up the series as well as Ana and Christian’s relationship. This book – being the first in the series – is the most intense in terms of their sexual relationship because the story is told from Ana’s point of view and being a virgin, she is new to everything Christian wants to introduce her to. But in honesty, while explicit, the events in the book – bar two encounters that I did think were a little much – weren’t really that shocking, there was just a lot of graphic, what-went-where, sexual encounters. Though as the story progresses and you see Ana become more assertive and Christian realise that he can have feelings for someone other than just wanting to control and dominate them, then you see the story develop into more than just sex-ridden, and into a love story. There are a load of plot-twists and curveballs thrown into the series to keep the reader on their toes, and it definitely works. I could not put the books down – I finished the first and second book in only three days – and I really enjoyed the story, the development of the two main characters and how it progressed into “more”.


The only things I did find that bothered me slightly about the books were, how much of a whirlwind Ana and Christian’s relationship is; it’s like they just meet each other and the next thing you know they are getting married. Though saying that, the two do become close relatively quickly and while it does take Christian three books to open up completely, you see his walls crumble bit by bit throughout the series. This could be said to be part of its draw as you want to keep reading to find out what happens. Also, Elliot and Kate’s relationship – was he just trying to keep up with his brother? I mean I like the fact that Ana’s best friend and Christian’s brother get together but its like they get married, then Elliot proposes to Kate, Ana has a baby, Kate has a baby, I just saw it as a bit unnecessary.

I really loved reading James’s ’50 Shades Of Christian’ snippets at the end of the final book, as Christian is a complex character (“50 Shades of F***ed up”) and it gave you more of an insight into his character and his thoughts, which I really loved seeing into. I think it would be great if E.L James re-wrote the story from Christian’s perspective, as he’s a more complicated character than Ana and it’d be great to get more of an insight into that. I’d definitely read it. I’d also definitely re-read these books.

So incase you couldn’t tell, I absolutely loved the series. It’s fast paced, it’s intense, and it’s captivating – I’d definitely say if you’re not put off by sex in books, give it a try.