Here We Go Again: ‘Jammin’ In July’ 2017

Hola readers,

This month I’ve decided to bring back a series that I started on my blog two years ago, known as ‘Jammin’ In July’.

This means that throughout the month of July I’ll be attempting to post twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, ending with (hopefully) 9 uploads. As I’ve said before, Summer is always a busy time on the music scene, so I thought it’d be fitting to bring back this series – and I really enjoyed it last year.

I’ve loosely planned the posts already, however, depending on what crops up throughout the month things may be subject to change. I’ve tried to include a mix of reviews, articles and chatty blogs so hopefully there’s something for everyone 🙂 . You can check out the full list below.

(As the posts go live I’ll add the hyperlinks so you can just click on each entry to see it.)



  • Tracks of the month
  • My musical alphabet
  • Tuesday Chats: Is blogging a hobby or my job?
  • Talia Mar ‘Tough Decisions’ EP Review
  • Tuesday Chats: My Favourite band
  • Live Music: What Really Matters?
  • The word Fan-girl and why I hate it
  • Goodbye to ‘Jammin’ In July’


As always thank you for reading, and be sure to check back on Thursday for my June ‘Tracks of the Month’!


If you like what I do here and you want to keep up to date with my upcoming posts, throughout July and beyond, feel free to come and join me on:

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