Book Club: Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher

Get swept off your feet by this gloriously heart-warming story about friendship, fame and falling in love.


Sophie May is the typical girl-next-door. Not particularly glamorous she works in her local tea room, frequented by sweet older ladies, and lives with her mum. That is, until she meets Billy Buskin, a teen heart-throb who breezes into her quaint little English town as a result of his current acting job. Despite an awkward first meeting – and her initial disinterest in some ‘teeny bopper’ who isn’t Jude Law – pretty soon Sophie finds herself thrust into the whirlwind of showbiz that is Billy’s life, and under the microscope from every angle. The question is: can she handle it?

Written by media personality Giovanna Fletcher, ‘Billy and Me’ is a dreamy, charming and overall romantic read. However, if you’re sitting at your computer rolling your eyes thinking that it’s ‘just another’ YA romance novel, all I can say is don’t be so quick to judge. While it’s undeniable that the romance theme runs throughout the core of the story, there are also a lot of subplots, twists, and turns at play, that pique your interest and make you want to keep reading to find out what happens.

While the book’s theme may seem light-hearted at first glance, when you delve a little deeper you find that it’s anything but airy-fairy as, alongside the dreamy idealism of the romance, there are also elements which remind you that life isn’t perfect. For example, it highlights the dark underbelly of show-business and the difficulty that comes with being in the limelight, as well as incorporating strained family dynamics, secrets, lies and even death into the mix. However, the serious nature of these story-lines is extremely well balanced by the charmingly whimsical main focus – Sophie and Billy’s relationship. This ensures that, while there are some shocking and heart-breaking moments interspersed throughout, the book never gets bogged down.

Another thing that makes ‘Billy and Me’ such an easy read is Fletcher’s writing style; it’s really colloquial, making it effortlessly digestible as well as relatable. As a result it’s even easier to become fully immersed in the story, as – despite its movie-star-heart-throb-falls-for-plain-Jane narrative – it’s not too far removed from reality. The characters are fleshed out, three-dimensional and well written, and because of this you really can’t help but fall in love with them.

Overall, I really enjoyed ‘Billy and Me’ and, in truth, it wasn’t long into the book that I was completely captivated. By the time I’d finished reading, I found that I’d become really invested in the story and the characters – you can’t help but root for them and want them to succeed.

It’s a great, gorgeous read about life and love. About finding your feet and figuring out what you want. About overcoming limitations and breaking free from things that hold you back. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes cute, charming, romantic stories that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. I’m really looking forward to reading the sequel ‘Always With Love’, to see what hurdles Sophie and Billy have to navigate next, and if their love can withstand the pressures of their different lifestyles, distance and life in general.


As well as being a writer of women’s fiction, Giovanna Fletcher is also a full-time mum to her two sons and wife to McFly’s Tom Fletcher. To keep up to date with everything she is up to, be sure to follow her on:

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