You Me At Six – Night People (Album Review)

You Me At Six are back and look set to reclaim their place at the forefront of British rock music with brand new album Night People.


Three years after the release of their previous full-length offering ‘Cavalier Youth’, rock quintet You Me At Six started 2017 off on the best possible note – unveiling their hotly anticipated, brand new album ‘Night People’ in early January. Unlike the signature pop-punk vibe of the band’s earlier releases, ‘Night People’ carries on the maturity and musicality that we heard on 2014’s ‘Cavalier Youth’, but embraces a darker, heavier tone with a more straight-up rock sound. However, die-hard fans need not fear, as it’s still packed with addictive choruses and powerful songs that pack a punch.

Album opener, and title track, ‘Night People’ sets the tone for the record with its quietly brooding verses and erupting chorus, immediately demonstrating the band’s stylistic change. Similarly, ‘Swear’ and ‘Can’t Hold Back’ are also striking, with a heavier, self-assured vibe – and a little bit of sass thrown in there too. And the boys definitely haven’t lost their flair for writing an insanely addictive hook that – in a live situation – will no doubt whip crowds into a frenzy; songs like ‘Plus One’ and ‘Heavy Soul’ incorporating a flavour of their old style into the mix.

There are also some softer moments amidst the ballsy, fiery tracks, including ‘Take On The World’. An emotional ballad about being there for someone through the darkest of times, its heart and poignancy making it, arguably, one of the most stand-out moments on the record. Album closer ‘Give’ also incorporates this softer sound throughout the verses, but marries it with an explosive chorus, rounding-up the album perfectly. Overall the record is fast paced, as well as being extremely tight and cohesive. It tells a story and takes you on a journey thematically, with each song being a fragment of the bigger picture.

‘Night People’ is another example of You Me At Six’s growth over the years, as people and as artists, and that is reflected in the progression of their sound. It’s certainly grittier than anything we’ve ever heard from them before, and the whole thing sounds incredibly self-assured – like the band are standing up and saying ‘this is who we are.’

Welcome back boys, we’ve missed you.


Final verdict:

You Me At Six have been one of my favourite bands since I was seventeen and ‘Night People’ is a firm reminder of why that is. Over the years I’ve seen them grow with their music and, now in my mid-twenties, I have grown up with it. They have yet to make an album that I dislike, and some of my favourite lyrics are embedded in songs on this record. I would encourage everyone to listen to it – start to finish to get the full effect, of course!


Favourite tracks:

Plus One
Heavy Soul
Take On The World
(But, honestly, there isn’t one song on this album that I dislike!)


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