Christmas Music: Is It Ever Too Early?

Season’s greetings readers,

Christmas is definitely upon us; twinkling fairy-lights adorn every tree, the mince pies are out in force, and there’s an excitable atmosphere in the air because it’s actually not that long of a wait until the big day itself. Some of my friends have even had their decorations up since before Bonfire Night, relentlessly counting down the days. As such, I thought I’d share something with you that comes to light every year. Something that inspires debate among myself, my family, and my friends – and that is Christmas music.


I wasn’t aware of how much Christmas music – in particular when it’s acceptable to be played – divides people. It definitely seems to be a hot topic, at least with people I know, at this time of year. Personally, I have nothing against Christmas music; I enjoy the novelty of it and I think it’s a great way to get into the festive spirit. I’m willing to bet that even Scrooge had his favourite Christmas song that he played when no one was listening – there are just some absolute classics that you can’t not play. However, what I dislike about it, is how it starts to be played earlier and earlier each year.

When radio stations start to play Christmas songs before Halloween, or even before Bonfire Night, I just think ‘chill, it’s not even December yet’ – at least get those out of the way first. Similarly, someone posted a graphic on Twitter in August (yes, August!) saying that it was 18 Fridays until Christmas. Now, I’m all for being festive, but I immediately rolled my eyes and thought ‘really?!’ I can barely stand Xmas songs before Dec 1st, but starting the count-down in August is a bit ridiculous.

Personally, I think Christmas music should be unleashed from December 1st onwards – not before. My reason for this is that December is the month of Christmas, and I think anything before then runs the risk of quickly becoming overkill; by the time it gets to Christmas the novelty wears off and you’re bored of it before the season has even begun. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way and, when it happens, I think it’s such a shame because Christmas music is universal. Everyone knows the old classics and, if you’re anything like me, you can’t help but have a cheesy sing along with your family and friends.

Whatever your stand-point – whether it’s a case of the earlier the better, or if you roll your eyes and groan when you hear a Christmas song in November – it’s undeniable that some tracks you just can’t help but love, no matter how much you resist. I feel like everyone has their favourite festive song that just gets them in the mood for Christmas; whether that’s bringing back good memories of Christmases past or igniting the anticipation for the day ahead.

Personally, I just think Christmas – and everything that goes with it – should start in December. I’m not as rigid as to say that there should only be The 12 days of Christmas (six days before, six days after) but anything before the beginning of the month, and by the time Christmas Day rolls around you may have just had enough.

Each to their own, as they say, eh? Merry Christmas. 🙂


What do you think of Christmas music? Do you think it can become overkill by the time Christmas day actually comes, or are you totally Christmas crazy?


As always, thank you for reading. What’s your favourite Christmas song? Click here to see the review of mine. 🙂

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