Talia Mar – Stolen (Single Review)

Upcoming talent releases bold debut single ‘Stolen’, with atmospheric accompanying music video.


Allow me to introduce you to Talia Mar, a young singer-songwriter and YouTuber. Among her beauty and lifestyle vlogs, the nineteen year old – hailing from South London – also dropped the video for her debut single ‘Stolen’ in late November.

The first music video on her channel, the track is self-produced and self-released, and has racked up an impressive four thousand-plus views in a mere few weeks. The song has also gotten over ninety-one thousand plays on SoundCloud since its upload in July – which, for an unsigned artist, is no mean feat.

‘Stolen’ has an overarching electronic/r’n’b vibe, with some slight hip-hop accents in the mix too. This combines to make something very current and dynamic that wouldn’t be out of place in the mainstream pop charts. Mar’s smooth vocal is pitch-perfect as she glides between her chest voice and head voice effortlessly, hitting the higher notes beautifully. She is also fiercely confident throughout, using the lyrics to assert her independence within the music industry. Overall, the song – as well as its accompanying music video and imagery – is bold, feisty and powerful. I love it, and judging by the ever-increasing hit rate, I’m not the only one.

With an upcoming EP in the pipeline, I’ll definitely be listening out for any new songs on the horizon, and I’d also be interested in interviewing Talia in the New Year to see what else she has planned music-wise.


Favourite lyrics:

“You see that it’s a business, a game of sinning a game of winning and I was your ticket.”

“You told them you don’t wanna miss this / said you were so impressed and called me average at best / were you conflicted?

“Were you scared of my songs, my words and my voice? / were they stronger than yours ‘coz you ran like a little boy.”


‘Stolen’ is available to stream or download now on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music and ITunes.

If you’ve visited my blog before then you may remember that I saw Talia Marr perform live at acoustic showcase, Musique a few weeks ago. Click here to check out my review of the event.


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