Waltzz: ‘I’m Alright’ (Single Review)

Emerging rapper Waltzz releases infectiously optimistic two track single, ‘I’m Alright’.


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Just three months after the end of his PMP|3131 YouTube series – during which he dropped 31 videos in 31 days – Liam ‘Waltzz’ Stewart is showing no signs of slowing down, as he recently premiered his brand new single ‘I’m Alright’ online. The two track single, released on November 20th, also includes a second song ‘Looking Up’ – and it’s different to anything you’ve ever heard from him before.

After including a version of ‘I’m Alright’ on his previous PMP|3131 series, the official release has been re-worked and polished, with production by High Depth Music. Both tracks are upbeat and full of optimism, set to more of a hip-hop/pop backdrop, with a little bit of EDM thrown into the mix too.



‘I’m Alright’ opens with a punchy synth-led beat and a cheeky chuckle, making way for an insanely catchy, pop hook that won’t leave your head long after you’ve finished listening. Vocally, Waltzz switches it up a bit in this track, singing his way through the melodic choruses while his distinctive rap vocals make an appearance throughout the verses. This also gives more texture to the overall sound. Detailing his fondness for a very independent woman – and doing so with bucket-loads of positivity – it’s a track that definitely wouldn’t be out of place in the mainstream charts (and makes you want to dance too!)

Second song ‘Looking Up’ has more of a brooding, swelling opening – a great fit for the poignant nature of the lyrics. For anyone already a fan of Waltzz, this track bares similarities to his previous offering ‘Whatever It Takes’, in that it deals with the subject of family – particularly that of his estranged father. However, as opposed to recounting a story from another’s point of view, ‘Looking Up’ is much more direct. It gives listeners a candid insight into their rocky farther/son relationship, and Waltzz’s hope of putting the past behind them and moving on. Subject wise it’s heavier than ‘I’m Alright’, but still retains that sense of positivity – lyrically as well as musically – again, with a hook that is infectious as soon as the beat drops. It’s an expressive track brimming with sincerity that is, arguably, the most real and raw that Waltzz has ever dared to be. This lends to more of a sense of maturity, and no doubt also provides a sense of catharsis – turning the negative into something positive.

Overall, ‘I’m Alright’ is a great single, featuring two fantastic songs that show a different side to Waltzz, demonstrating his growth artistically and personally. I absolutely love the melodic choruses and the uplifting vibe of both pieces. As a package they complement each other brilliantly. Personally, I’m really looking forward to seeing where Waltzz goes from here and, if this is the start of a new chapter of his sound, what he has coming next.


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If you’d like to hear more from Waltzz, all of his released material is available for free download, or to stream, through his official website. You can also keep up to date with everything on:

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