WaltzzUK: PMP 31|31

“He is well and truly out of his mind.” Emerging rapper WaltzzUK releases brand new videos everyday throughout the month of August.

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31 videos in 31 days, who does that?! WaltzzUK that’s who. Hot on the heels of his ‘#I2IWednesdays YouTube series, the young talent has recently unveiled new project ‘Practice Makes Perfect 31|31’, releasing 31 self-produced videos in as many days throughout the month of August.

Originally planning to promote the material as three separate mixtapes, but subsequently fearing that they may not reflect him as an artist by the time they could all be released, Waltzz followed the sage advice of friend Camile Reid. It was suggested that the rapper could use the pieces as the basis for 31|31, and the series was born.

Waltzz PMP Profile Photo1 by Daydream Exposure

Waltzz – real name Liam Stewart – writes, records and engineers the entirety of his material from his bedroom, as well as filming, editing and releasing everything independently. He also performs regularly across his hometown of Ipswich, as well as London, promoting his material online via social media. The emerging artist has even gone so far as to take to the streets fully decked out in a Santa suit – adopting the character #SantaCrizzle – which resulted in him scoring some radio play on BBC Radio Suffolk.

After quitting his job as a chef, Waltzz left the creature comforts of home behind too; going on numerous music related courses, sofa surfing at friend’s houses, sleeping at Tower Bridge, and even ‘borrowing’ McDonald’s electricity in the early hours of the morning to re-charge equipment – all in the name of music. In keeping with his nomadic lifestyle, he has since been trekking around the streets of London armed with a camera, a tripod, his computer and (a friend’s) IPhone, capturing concept ideas to incorporate into the current video thread.

One thing’s for sure, his efforts did not go to waste. Taking full advantage of what the capital has to offer, Waltzz captures the picturesque side of the city, including a number of London’s iconic landmarks such as St Paul’s Cathedral, The London Eye, and even Buckingham Palace – utilising each setting lyrically as well as visually.

Waltzz also pays visits to the likes of Warner Music, UMG and Universal (the last of which he even gets into a little bit of trouble at, after trying to leave a promo sticker on their door.) He also cheekily pens a note to Warner Music asking them to “stop signing rubbish rappers”, and showers the elevator of a posh hotel in sweets wrappers, in the same video. Certainly makes you wonder how much trouble he got into that day.

Now on day 10 of ‘PMP 31|31’, Waltzz has already dropped a stack of videos, including dreamy, summer hit ‘Those Were The Days’, ‘Celebrate’ (which also coincided with his 20th birthday), cheeky track ‘Test Drive’, and an acoustic remix of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Photograph’ featuring fellow singer-songwriter Luca Martellotti.

It has been said that Waltzz is first and foremost a lyricist, and you can definitely see his flair for song-writing in tracks like ‘Those Were The Days’, with lyrics such as: “get some vision ‘coz you’re different, don’t fit in but it’s fine/ you’re just meant for different things you’ve got a different mind.” As a whole though, every piece is undeniably well-crafted. From the lyrics and arrangements, to production and the accompanying visual elements, you can see that a lot of thought and effort has gone into each track, individually and as a package.

There’s more to come before the month’s out too, with Waltzz premiering a brand new video on his YouTube channel at 8pm daily. I, for one, am definitely intrigued to see what else he has lined up throughout the rest of the series.


Favourite tracks (so far) :
Those Were The Days
Test Drive

If you’re interested in checking out ‘#PMP 31|31’ head over to WaltzzUK’s YouTube channel, or if you’ve got no idea who Waltzz is, click here to check out my introductory ‘One to watch’ and get up to speed.


If you’d like to hear more from WaltzzUK, all of his released material is available for free download, or to stream, through his official website. You can also keep up to date with everything on:

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