Stevie P & Sketch – Street Lights (Single Review)

The loveable rogues recently dropped the video for new song ‘Street Lights’ – and it’s about time.

Stevie P and Sketch Streetlights screen shot

Following the positive response from their previous collaboration, ‘Everything Part 2’, singer-songwriters Stevie P and Sketch released their brand new track ‘Street Lights’ earlier this month – and it’s about time too.

We’ve been being teased with the idea of a new song for a while, with Stevie P playfully suggesting that when ‘Everything Part 2’ hit 10,000 views he and Sketch – who you may recognise if you’ve ever watched E4’s Tattoo Fixers – would “consider releasing their latest vid.” However, for whatever reason, things have been on hold; Stevie also saying via his social media that it’s something he’s been waiting “too long” for.

But, the wait is finally over. Released on July 9th, ‘Street Lights’ is a poignant rap ballad that sees the guys baring their souls once again. The track opens with a beautifully sombre piano melody that really compliments the vibe of the lyrics and adds to the emotionality of the song. The darkly candid nature of the lyrics also sets it apart, they’re not rapping about bitches and money, it’s a real snapshot of the guy’s thoughts; the heart and passion they put into their performance throughout is undeniable.

The star of the show though is the chorus; switching up the vocals from rapping to singing it’s a surprise of the best kind. Adding in some beautiful harmonies – Sketch tackling the higher notes effortlessly, and Stevie gliding through the lower – it creates a somewhat haunting effect, as well as adding another texture to the track alongside the grittier vibe of the verses.

As well as the song its self, the accompanying music video – produced by One Take ‘OT’ Visuals – is extremely slick and atmospheric. Shot in at black and white, and seemingly during the evening, it’s an all-round perfect fit for the song.

Overall, it’s fair to say that the guys have done it again and created something undeniably captivating; something that makes you pause and take notice. Though it does pose the question, they can rap, and they can both sing for sure, what are they going to work into their sound next? (my money’s on some Oli Sykes-esque scream vocals.)

Unfortunately, the duo did face some “minor issues” regarding the release of this track, but by the looks of things we won’t have to wait as long for the next one. A few days ago Sketch shared a short collab the guys “threw together” during a recent studio session, on his YouTube channel Sketch TV. As is their style, ‘Harsh Truth’ sees the pair dig deep and gives us another little glimpse inside their thoughts, dealing with life, love, and getting some things off their chests with some hip-hop flair. The ‘Tattoo Fixers’ star has also said that there are loads of upcoming videos in the pipeline (does happy dance) so, fingers crossed there’s much more to come.


Favourite lyrics:
The whole thing?!
“I think I’m lost to the point where I couldn’t even find myself / heaven is a myth but inside my mind you’ll find a hell.”


As always thanks for reading, I absolutely love this song so I hope I inspired you to give it a listen. If you’ve ever stumbled across my little corner of the internet before, you may remember that I’ve included Stevie P and Sketch in a few of my posts. See the list below and check them out if you’d like to :).

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To keep up to date with everything Stevie P and Sketch are up to, go and show the guys some love, on Twitter: Stevie P / Sketch.


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