Lianne Kaye – Clear (Single Review)

21 year old singer-songwriter Lianne Kaye gets fans all fired up with brand new single ‘Clear.’

Lianne Kaye Clear

UK based singer-songwriter, and guitarist, Lianne Kaye recently released her brand-new single ‘Clear’ online, having gained popularity by posting impressive cover versions of well-known songs on YouTube. Now with over 82,000 subscribers and a whopping eight million plus views, Kaye is also establishing herself as an artist in her own right; she’s anything but ‘just another…’ covers artist.

Having recently played on the acoustic solo stage at UK festival Slam Dunk, alongside the likes of The Rocket Summer’s Bryce Avery and Grumble Bee, the emerging young talent seems to be making a name for herself. Also in the pipeline is Kaye’s – as yet untitled – follow-up to her 2014 debut EP ‘Vacancy’, which she’s been “busy recording and writing” for recently.

New single ‘Clear’ sees Kaye move away from the typical acoustic vibe of previous tracks, and into more electronic-pop/pop-rock territory. The track is fun, upbeat and jaunty, with an addictive pop chorus that will get stuck in your head for days – trust me. There are definite rock vibes within the arrangement, but it’s undoubtedly a pop song at heart with an, almost, slight country feel in there too at times. Kaye’s vocals are bold, strong and flawless throughout, her unique tone wrapping its self around the lower and higher notes beautifully. It’s a definite summer hit with major radio potential and I could see it sitting comfortably in the current pop charts.

Personally, I think we’re only just scratching the surface of what Lianne Kaye has to offer, in the best possible sense. I’m excited to hear what else she has coming because I absolutely love her voice, and she sounds exactly the same live as she does on record – a rare quality nowadays. One thing’s for sure, this is just the beginning.


You can download ‘Clear’ now, through ITunes and Loudr, and it’s also available to stream through Spotify. If you want to check out any of Lianne Kaye’s previous videos head on over to her YouTube Channel, she recently uploaded a great cover of Demi Lovato’s new single ‘Body Say’ (click here to see it.)

To see my previous review of Kaye’s cover of ‘Earned It’, originally by The Weeknd, click here.


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