Demi Lovato – Body Say (Single Review)

Demi Lovato leaves little to the imagination with brand-new track ‘Body Say’.

Demi Lovato Body Say Artwork


Pop powerhouse Demi Lovato has shown that her Disney days are firmly in the past with her recently released new song, ‘Body Say’. Written and recorded “a couple months ago”, Lovato has said on Twitter that she wanted fans to “hear it right away” adding, “what’s the point in waiting anymore.”

The track’s accompanying artwork also made waves online, as Lovato appears to be sitting naked on a bed, hands gripping her hair, with her back to the camera and a discarded lace bra in the foreground. She also shared a series of different, but equally as sexy, images from the same shoot on Instagram.

The song has an undeniable sexy, sultry feel from the off with a smoky, R’n’B sound; a very different vibe to the more pop tracks we’re used to hearing from her. ‘Body Say’ is also, arguably, the most sexually explicit Lovato has ever been lyrically. We’ve been given a taste of her naughtier side on previous tracks like ‘Cool for the Summer’, but this takes it to a whole new level; there is no second guessing here. As a result, the song oozes sexiness and confidence, and shows a progression into a more grown-up, womanly vibe. For all the body image problems Lovato has had to deal with, as a complete package, ‘Body Say’ shows that this is someone who’s finally comfortable in her own skin, and she has every right to be. This slays.

At present the powers that be are doing a very good job of making sure that the song isn’t put on YouTube by anyone but Demi Lovato but, if you want to check it out, the song is available to stream on Spotify now.


Favourite lyrics:
“If my body had a say, I’d get it off my chest / show you all the red lace, underneath this dress.”


Let me know what you think of this new, sexier side of Demi Lovato, do you love it? Or do you think it’s a bit too much?

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