Alex Marshall – Hurricane (Single Review)

Former member of pop-rock band The Cab drops chart-worthy debut single ‘Hurricane’.

Alex Marshall Hurricane artwork

Singer-songwriter Alex Marshall, former member of Las Vegas pop-rock band The Cab, recently premiered the brand new video for his debut solo single ‘Hurricane’. Released on July 1st, Marshall has said via his social media that the track has been two years – plus “countless sleepless nights” – in the making; and it shows.

Over recent weeks there has definitely been some buzz around his newest offering, with Marshall holding ‘secret sessions’ in NYC as well as unveiling a host of online teasers in the run up to the full single release.

‘Hurricane’ has a definite pop-tinged, R’n’B sound, coupled with a slightly dark and brooding vibe. Having sang backing vocals throughout his time in The Cab, this is the first time (that I’m aware of) that we’ve been given more than a glimpse of Marshall’s vocals, and they don’t disappoint. Bold and strong, they’re a great fit for the R’n’B-esque vibe, with snippets of falsetto in certain places working to create a sense of delicateness amidst the powerful instrumental – adding another layer to the track.

On the whole, ‘Hurricane’ wouldn’t be out of place in the charts, on the radio, or on music channels, alongside many mainstream artists, and deservedly so. The quality of the song, as well as its accompanying music video, is undeniable; it’s polished, extremely well produced, and can definitely hang with many artists in the charts today. The amount of work that’s gone into this definitely shows, and I’m intrigued and excited to see what else Marshall has coming. If all the tracks are as well put together as this, bring on the album.

Favourite lyrics: “We’ve got water in our lungs and we’re getting too heavy to float.”
“Loving you is like a hurricane, every time the wind blows I can feel my world shake.”


*If you’ve read my blog before then you probably know that The Cab was/is one of my favourite bands, and has been for a number of years. I was actually lucky enough to meet Alex Marshall in London when he came to the UK with, his then bandmate, Alex Deleon. If you’re interested in checking out the blog from that, click here. I was also given the opportunity to interview The Cab via email back in 2012 following the release of their second album ‘Symphony Soldier’, click here to take a look at that.

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