The Summer Set – Stories For Monday (Album Review)

Our favourite Arizona pop-rockers are back with a whole heap of new stories to tell, and not a moment too soon.

the summer set stories for monday 2016

Almost a full three years after the release of their most successful album to date, pop-rockers The Summer Set are back, with an offering that looks set to see them continue their ‘Legendary’ high to even bigger and better places. Released on April 1st, ‘Stories For Monday’ is the album that almost wasn’t – with details emerging that the band initially ‘broke-up’ in September 2015 – luckily though, they pulled through, and are back stronger and better than ever before.

Full of killer tracks, ‘Stories For Monday’ showcases the maturity – both lyrically and musically – that we heard on previous releases; marrying the heart and sentimentality of ‘Everything’s Fine’ with the cheekier party vibe of ‘Legendary’ perfectly, while adding a dash of vulnerability to the mix.

As opposed to the ‘boy-likes-girl’ theme we’re so used to, this release feels much more real and raw. Although still there in essence in the mass clap-along sounds of ‘All my friends’ – which won us over with its Kurt Cobain/Nirvana references – as well as poignant almost-ballad ‘Jean Jacket’. However, there seems to be more of an overarching focus on life and sense-of-self, tracks like lead single ‘Figure Me Out’, ‘The Night Is Young’ and ‘Wasted’, showing a lot more emotional depth. But, never fear, their signature pop-rock party vibe is still entwined within the sound, demonstrated in ‘Change Your Mind’, anti-love song ‘Missin’ You’ and the anthemic ‘All In’ – albeit a little more refined.

This is, arguably, the most personal they’ve ever gotten, giving listeners a look behind the party and into the band; their growth people as well as artists. I’m so glad that ‘Stories For Monday’ wasn’t the soundtrack to their demise and they figured everything out because if this album is anything to go by, it’s certainly not all downhill from here.


Favourite Tracks:
The Night Is Young
All My Friends
Change Your Mind

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As always thank you for reading, and I hope you go and give this album a listen. 🙂 I’m blogging every Monday and Thursday throughout July. To keep up to date with my upcoming posts, come and join me on Facebook & Twitter, and to see what else is coming up throughout the rest of this month, click here.



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