‘Jammin’ In July’ Is Back!

Hola readers,

This month I’ve decided to bring back a monthly thread that I started last year, known as ‘Jammin’ In July’. Throughout the next four weeks I’ll be posting blogs on Mondays and Thursdays, ending with (hopefully) 8 uploads.

Summer is a great time for music, with all the summer festivals and tours, so I thought it’d be fitting to bring back this series. Organised as ever, I’ve planned all the blog posts already including: album reviews, single reviews, and maybe even some vlogs ;). See the full list below.

(As the posts go live I’ll add the hyperlinks so you can just click on each entry to see it.)



To keep up to date feel free to come and join me on Facebook and Twitter, I’ll be back on Monday with my overview of TV musical drama Nashville. See you there? 🙂


9 thoughts on “‘Jammin’ In July’ Is Back!

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