Tracks of the Month: March

Hello everyone,

Another month over, Easter has come and gone, and it seems like only yesterday I was seeing memes circulating on Facebook saying ‘how is it March already?!’. But, just before we welcome April (and with it hopefully some spring sunshine,) as is tradition around here, I’m going to share my favourite songs of the month with you.

One is a pop-rock track with a killer chorus and mass-singalong vibes, one is synthy and romantic, and the other is a beautifully emotional ballad that I’ve absolutely fallen head-over-heels for.

I’d also just like to mention here, that while I was writing this post I realised I’d also included both of these artists in my last ‘Tracks of the Month’. It wasn’t an intentional move, I’ve just been listening to these songs non-stop – that must say something about the artists’ music though, eh?


The Summer Set – Missin’ You

Hot on the heels of their debut single ‘Figure Me Out’, pop-rock quintet The Summer Set wasted no time in dropping another killer song from their upcoming album, ‘Stories For Monday’. Despite its love-sick-esque title, that couldn’t be further from the truth as, ‘Missin’ You’ captures that very freeing feeling of letting go and moving on after a relationship has turned sour; “since you’ve been gone I’m living more than ever/since you’ve been gone I’ve never felt so alive.” Set to the tone of singer Brian Dales’ distinctive vocals, the song is packed with positive vibes; it’s sassy, uplifting, empowering and never fails to make me smile…”hell yeah, alright, I ain’t missing you.”


The Summer Set – Jean Jacket

Another song of The Summer Set’s I’ve been listening to a lot is ‘Jean Jacket’. Premiered on March 17th, the track is very synth-driven and romantic, with its chorus line “coz when I put on my Jean Jacket, I still think about you.” Brian’s unique vocals are tight as ever as he flits between lower and higher notes effortlessly, and coupled with the melody, the two combine to produce a beautiful song packed with emotion, which really tells a story. I also recently found an acoustic version online, and they absolutely slay it. The stripped back arrangement gives a much more intimate feel, and the backing vocals from both John Gomez and Jess Bowen are even more pronounced, the harmonies sounding great together.

The band recently made the full album available to stream so if, like me, you can’t wait until April 1st for the release, you can already have a cheeky listen. Be sure to catch The Summer Set on the ‘Stories for Monday’ tour, starting in the US in April, before hitting the UK in May. For full tour dates click here.

Click here to see my review of the band’s previous single, ‘Figure Me Out.’


Demi Lovato – Stone Cold

Demi Lovato released the video for her latest single Stone Cold in late February, and I haven’t stopped listening to it since. Lovato has said she is ‘very proud’ of the third single from her album ‘Confident’ – and she has every right to be. Unlike her previous singles from the album, ‘Stone Cold’ is a beautifully poignant ballad about seeing someone you love with someone else. The piano-led track also includes swelling strings and soft, choir-esque backing vocals; an arrangement that really compliments Lovato’s powerhouse pipes.

The vocals overflow with raw emotion, giving a deep rooted honesty to the track which comes across even more so when performed live, further showcasing the full extent of Lovato’s ability to captivate a crowd with her stellar vocals; a quality people may not have recognised before. One thing’s for sure, if I ever hear anyone try to write her off as ‘just another Disney girl’, I’ll happily point them in the direction of this song.

In addition to ‘Stone Cold’, I’ve also been spinning the title track from her album ‘Confident’ (click here to see my previous review) as well as lead single, ‘Cool For The Summer.’


I’ve also been listening to Set It Off’s album ‘Duality’ a lot lately (having received it for Christmas after not being able to get my hands on a physical copy,) so a full review of that will be coming soon.


So, there you have it. What do you think of the songs included in this post? If there are any you haven’t heard, I hope I inspired you to give them a listen. What songs left a lasting impression on you this past month? I love discovering new music so Feel free to let me know in a comment :).

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