One To Watch: WaltzzUK

“Let’s inspire others to inspire others.” Aspiring rapper sets his sights on spreading positivity.

Waltzz uk

Allow me to introduce you to Waltzz; a young rapper hailing from English countryside town, Ipswich. Currently unsigned, 19 year old Waltzz – real name Liam Stewart – seeks to inspire others through his distinctive brand of hip-hop infused rap music.

His most recent offering ‘Inspire to Inspire’, released at the tail end of 2015, demonstrates this positive outlook. On his official website Waltzz explains: “Inspire to Inspire is about being your best self, no matter what repercussions may occur – being unapologetically you and inspiring others to do the same. Inspire to inspire.”

waltzz UK

The young Brit has been releasing music online since 2013, after premiering his debut offering ‘Heartless EP’; the project’s accompanying visual components saw it receive approximately one thousand plays on the first day alone. Following its success, Waltzz has regularly been posting tracks and music videos, which are also made available for free download via his website. Free music?! Where do we sign up?

As a result Waltzz has a rather large selection of material available for your listening pleasure; five EPs to be precise. Citing influences such as Eminem, Tupac and J.Cole, his music is evocative and fiercely passionate; the majority, if not all, of which is based on real-life situations, making it unashamedly candid. From the relationship he has with his own emotions and his music, to his family and significant other, every song tells a story.

As expected, the sound has evolved over the years. His ‘Wasted Youth’ EP exuding a dark and, at times, ferocious quality in tracks like ‘Any Problems’ and ‘Welcome to my World’ – the latter also giving us a glimpse into Waltzz’s desire to inspire, as he raps “I just wanna be a role model.”

Fast forward to 2015 and ‘Inspire to Inspire’, builds upon that same positivity with more of a pop/R’n’B vibe. The 11 track EP also further showcases Stewart’s flair for writing lyrics, and producing songs with substance. Since the release of I2I, he has also dropped an acoustic version, which sees him strip back a selection of the songs. Armed with nothing but a piano to accompany his vocals, the result is something that feels incredibly intimate. The delicate arrangement draws focus to the lyrics, allowing the raw emotion at play to really impact the listener. This can be heard in intensely poignant, almost cinematic, track ‘Whatever it Takes’, as well as anti-love-song, ‘All Night’.


It doesn’t stop there though; the ever hard-working Waltzz currently has yet another EP on the horizon, and began a weekly YouTube series at the beginning of the year to promote the release. Known as ‘I2I Wednesdays’, the thread features everything from “covers, remixes, songs, and freestyles, or anything else WaltzzUK.” Including infectious pop numbers like ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’, and most recent upload ‘Heat Of The Moment’ – a musical lecture on love in honour of Valentine’s Day, complete with a really fun concept video.

As well as his online performances, Stewart has also racked up live appearances at renowned London venues such as Indigo 2, Hoxton Underbelly and 02 Academy Islington, last year alone.

waltzzUK live

Having really hit the ground running, it looks as though there is no stopping Liam ‘Waltzz’ Stewart and I’m looking forward to seeing what he has in store for the coming months. In his track ‘This Passion’ – taken from his ‘I2I Wednesdays’ series – he raps “this passion’s all I’ve got,” and it shows.

Final Verdict:

Simply put, I really like Waltzz UK. I love the positive nature of his message – encouraging people to be their best self – I think it’s a great attitude to have. Inspire to inspire indeed. The passion he has for his work is undeniable, everything being polished and very professional – from his recordings to his official website. Each track is packed with raw emotion and lyrically demonstrates ingenuity; I’m also a big fan of his piano-based acoustic tracks, as they show a whole different side to his persona.


Favourite tracks:

I’m Sorry / Get Some / All Night (Acoustic) / Whatever it Takes (Acoustic) / I Wanna Be Your Lover


If you’d like to hear more from Waltzz UK, all of his material is available for free download, or to stream, through his official website. You can also keep up to date with everything on:

Facebook / Twitter / YouTube

For regular updates come and join me on:

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