Bring Me The Horizon: That’s The Spirit (Album Review)

I need a cure for me ‘cause the square doesn’t fit the circle.” With an album this good Brit rockers Bring Me The Horizon have re-defined the circle.

Bring Me The Horizon burst onto the metal scene back in 2006, when their debut full-length ‘Count Your Blessings’ propelled them to the forefront of British rock music. Fast forward 10 years and the six-piece have just dropped their fifth studio album – and there have undoubtedly been some changes in the BMTH camp over the years.

Released at the tail-end of 2015, ‘That’s The Spirit’ see’s the band move away from their metalcore roots and embrace a cleaner, more radio-friendly sound, combining elements of melodic rock, pop, and EDM. With that being said, their trademark ferocity hasn’t been completely lost but rather, adapted; vocalist Oli Sykes’ gravelly, growl-like tones are still present (but the upside is that you can actually understand it these days.)

Tracks like ‘Throne’, demonstrate this change in direction; its synth-heavy opening would typically land it firmly in EDM territory, but the addition of the guitars and crashing drums add that heavier Linkin Park-esque edge. ‘True Friends’ also retains that certain BMTH sting, with a blistering chorus that puts us in mind of the band’s earlier days.

‘Drown’ and ‘Avalanche,’ possess an anthemic, almost cinematic, quality that really packs a punch. Slightly reminiscent of 30 Seconds to Mars’ ‘This is War’ era, the epic-sounding production ensures both are made to fill every corner of an arena. The former’s captivating chorus and swelling ‘you know that I can’t do this on my own’ chant, is sure to get crowds screaming along with their fists in the air.

Further proving they aren’t just about the brutal whirlwind of thrashing guitars and harsh vocals, ‘Follow You’ takes down the tempo with a more sombre, melodic sound – Sykes’ rasp giving the chorus some bite. Similarly, ‘Blasphemy’ comprises of a very melodic chorus, combined with a dark and gritty old-school quality, lending to an alt-rock vibe.

Album closer ‘Oh No’ brings back the dance-pop musicality, while contrastingly highlighting the darker subject of seeing the pitfalls of addiction through sober eyes. Overall ‘That’s The Spirit’ has quite a dark theme, highlighting internal struggle and showing a sense of emotional vulnerability. However, there are pockets of positivity in the form of empowering, sing-along choruses – and it’s Sykes spitting the lyrics with such an aggressive passion that really drives it home.

“You can throw me to the wolves, tomorrow I will come back leader of the whole pack…” well it looks like BMTH have done just that. The result? An awesome album with some pretty anthemic tracks, and an altogether less jagged edge. If you haven’t liked BMTH’s previous releases I’d suggest you give this a listen – you might surprise yourself.


Favourite Tracks:

Throne / True Friends / Drown / Blasphemy


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