One To Watch: Snowblind (+ Album Review)

Meet Snowblind, an emerging rock band based in Spain’s Costa Blanca. The four-piece – made up of vocalist/guitarist Charlie Ledger, lead guitarist Jac Bentley, bassist Stuart Hodge and drummer Josh Watts – play a “diverse set of original and well-known tunes”, according to their Facebook page.


Alongside their original material they also put their own stamp on familiar hits, from Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin to The White Stripes and Kings of Leon (there’s even some Phil Collins tucked away in there.) Now if you’re sat there thinking ‘their music must be Spanish though, right?’ Wrong. The band formed in early 2012 after meeting in Spain, however, none of the four were born there; vocalist Charlie Ledger originally hails from UK county, Essex.

In an article by local newspaper ‘Costa-Blanca People’, published earlier this year*, it was said that it can be quite limiting when it comes to sharing their own material in Spain, as the majority of people want to hear songs they know. However, the lads have journeyed over to the UK a number of times – most recently for a spring tour in April – where they got the chance to play their original material, and it’s a whole different ball game. Though, judging by their self-titled debut offering, it doesn’t take long to figure out why.

Citing influences such as the Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, and Nirvana, among others, their music is straight-up rock, boasting beautiful melodies, addictive hooks and stunning vocals. Thematically, the album appears to center around the darker side of love and the conflicting emotions that come with it. For instance, beautifully powerful track ‘Memories’ is a story of missing someone and the frustration of being in that situation.

However, don’t assume this album is ‘all doom and gloom’ – it isn’t. While it does largely center around a deep and emotional theme, tracks like ‘Mastermind’ show the band’s fun side, with its jaunty, almost Ska-esque, instrumental. And there are also pockets of humour in songs like ‘Regrets of a Heart Throb’; its tongue-in-cheek lyrics telling the tale of a regrettable turn of events after one too many drinks, with a hook that is sure to get crowds singing along. ‘Getaway’ and ‘Downtown Poverty’ both have a smooth old-school rock quality to them, as does album closer ‘Red Light District’, which sounds like it was made to fill every corner of an arena.

Each song is absolutely captivating, bursting at the seams with such emotion and passion that seems invariably deep rooted. Ledger sings every word effortlessly but with such conviction that you can tell he means it, and that raw honesty is what will connect with an audience. It’s definitely a case of ‘All killer, no filler’; each track is extremely fluid and well-crafted that it makes you wonder why these guys are not mainstream artists – I could definitely see them on the main stage at Reading Festival. With such a compelling sound not one track is flimsy or one-dimensional; every element combining to create something that you’ll want to hear again (and again, and again!)

Final verdict:

I’m totally obsessed with this album, I’ve listened to it pretty much once a day for the past few months and it has fast become a firm favourite. The same can definitely also be said for the track ‘Memories’; it’s a beautiful song full of raw emotion that I can hugely relate to – I’d love to sing it with them! The guys are artists, there’s no doubt in my mind about that. I just hope they continue to make music.

Favourite tracks:

Memories (to check out my previous review of this track click here.)
Regrets of a Heart-throb
Red Light District

Check out the band’s manager’s YouTube channel for live videos from their performances both across Spain and the UK.

To keep up to date with everything Snowblind are up to, go and show them some love on Facebook, and if you’re ever in the Costa Blanca I highly recommend checking them out live if you can (and of course nabbing yourself a copy of this album.) You won’t be disappointed.


* A picture of the article from ‘Costa Blanca People’ was posted by Snowblind to their Facebook page in August 2015, so I’m assuming the article was published around that time also. However, if the article was in fact published earlier I can only apologise for the mix-up. 🙂


6 thoughts on “One To Watch: Snowblind (+ Album Review)

  1. this is the best live band on the costa blanca , I have heard , brilliant band and I love the music they play and also the music they write , a big snowblind fan and cant wait to follow them more in 2016 , followed them since june of this year and I’m so glad I did

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