Tracks of the Month: November

Hola readers,

It’s December! (seriously, where has this year gone?.) Please excuse the fact that I’m a bit late in getting this blog post online; amidst trying to get all my Christmas shopping done before December so I can avoid the seasonal rush, I haven’t posted as many blogs as I would’ve liked to these last few weeks. However, I won’t be posting a ‘Tracks of the Month’ at the end of December, as I’m taking a break over Christmas and New Year to spend time with family and friends, so I feel like this can serve as a joint post for both Nov and early Dec. Anyway, enough of me rambling on, you know the drill – here are the songs that I’ve been obsessed with this past month.


Hailee Steinfeld – Love Myself

The first single from the 18 year old actress’ debut EP ‘Haiz’, is an empowering dance/pop track. Being honest, when I first heard this I wasn’t too sure about it – I thought the lyrics were a bit questionable in places – but there’s no denying that it has a great sound, it’s fun and it makes you want to get up and dance. The chorus is an absolute banger overflowing with positive vibes, and Steinfeld’s R’n’B-tinged vocals are strong and bold throughout. Overall it’s a song about self-love (whichever way you interpret that) and empowerment – you don’t need anybody else.


Demi Lovato – Confident

If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you’ll know that I love Demi Lovato. ‘Confident’ is the second single from her fifth studio album of the same name, and it really see’s her come into her own. Gone are the days of self-doubt and struggle, this is sassy and sexy, with bucket loads of attitude. As always Lovato’s vocals are stunningly bold, full of defiance and, well, confidence. It’s without doubt an empowering track, after all, “What’s wrong with being, what’s wrong with being, what’s wrong with being confident?”


Rudimental ft. Ed Sheeran – Lay It All On Me

The drum and bass foursome have teamed up with Ed Sheeran again – after working together on Sheeran’s previous single ‘Bloodstream’ – and the result is just infectious (in the best possible sense.) The collaboration see’s Sheeran lend his vocals to Rudimental’s new single ‘Lay It On Me’. The track has a great beat and a really fun overall vibe that I think would be great to experience live, and Sheeran’s vocals are faultless as he fluidly moves between his lower and higher ranges. It’s definitely a song that brings the party; I think it would be very much at home blaring from the speakers of a nightclub or lighting up the night in a festival setting.


Jamie Lawson – I Wasn’t Expecting That

The debut single from Brit singer/songwriter Jamie Lawson – the first act to be signed to Ed Sheeran’s label ‘Gingerbread Man Records’ – is an incredibly poignant love song. ‘I Wasn’t Expecting That’, is a delicate acoustic track with lyrics that will surely melt any heart. Telling the story of a relationship, from the first kiss to seeing your children fly the nest, the song has a distinct poetic quality to it that makes it really lovely to listen to. It’s overflowing with emotion and it hits you right in the chest – it’s impossible not to feel something when you listen to it. I first heard this song when a friend of mine said she loved it and told me to listen to the words, I didn’t know what to expect at the time but one thing’s for sure, I wasn’t expecting that.


Luke Pickett – Empty Corridors

This track is a bit of a rediscovery for me; I’ve liked Pickett’s music for years and every now and then I pick this song up and I’m reminded why I fell in love with it all over again. The delicate acoustic arrangement, Pickett’s seductive yet understated vocals, and the dark romanticism to the lyrics, combine to create something that’s hauntingly poetic. Simply put, it’s a beautiful song – I’d love to sing it with him.


So, there we have it. As always thank you for reading, and feel free to let me know in a comment what songs you’ve been loving recently. 🙂


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