Bohnes – Guns and Roses (single review)

The Cab frontman Alex DeLeon steps out alone with new solo project ‘Bohnes’.

The Cab frontman Alex DeLeon unveiled the debut single from his new solo project, ‘Bohnes’, on Friday November 13th. Following the 2014 release of The Cab’s ‘Lock Me Up’ EP, ‘Guns and Roses’ is the first glimpse of the singer’s newest venture.

A world away from the pop/rock we’re used to from The Cab, ‘Guns and Roses’ favours a more synth based, pop/dance sound – giving it a slight 80’s flavour – with a club-worthy chorus that has major chart potential. Contrasting with the accompaniment, there are some darker undertones to the lyrics, giving the whole thing an overall edgier feel. Bohnes’ vocals are flawless as always, his soulful tone flitting between his smooth lower register and mesmerising falsetto, hitting both effortlessly.

It’s understandable that DeLeon chose to release this as a separate entity to The Cab, as it is so different, so if you’re hankering for anything that sounds like the band’s previous releases, you won’t find it here – but ‘Guns and Roses’ is proof that that needn’t be a bad thing. If this is any indication of what’s to come, I can’t wait to see what else Bohnes has in store.

Final verdict:

On first listen I wasn’t sure what to make of this track (I think in part because I’m such a big fan of DeLeon’s work in The Cab) but it has really grown on me. With a somewhat dark and edgy feel, and a chorus that’ll get stuck in your head for days, I could definitely see this getting airtime on MTV. If you go into it expecting The Cab, it may leave you cold, but if you give it a fair shot and take it for what it is without comparing it to what came before, you can’t go far wrong. I for one really like it.


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