Rogue Re Vera – ‘Don’t Bet On It, Kid’ (EP Review)

Never heard of Rogue Re Vera? Well to you I ask, where have you been?! If you’re a regular visitor around my little corner of the internet, then I’m sure you’ll already be familiar with this alt/acoustic three-piece, as I’ve reviewed them a fair few times this past year.

RR warped tour 15

As a thank you, the band recently sent me a t-shirt and a copy of their debut EP ‘Don’t Bet On It, Kid.’ Released at Warped Tour 2015 where the band played the Ernie Ball stage – after being voted onto the bill via an online poll – the five track EP works to showcase not only the band’s sound, but the diversity of it.

Kicking things off is a full-band version of ‘Montauk Gave The End A Whole New Meaning’, with its siren-led opening that gives way to a beautifully delicate guitar melody. The addition of a whirlwind of electric guitars and live drums further accentuates the chorus, allowing it to really pack a punch.

Songs like ‘If I Say Please’, incorporate a more aggressive pop-punk sound from the get-go, complete with raw scream vocals and attitude in spades. Likewise, frustration-filled title track ‘Don’t Bet On It, Kid’, is an explosive anthem brimming with defiance; adding something even more gutsy. The intro, featuring a sample from 2003 block-buster Bruce Almighty, sets the tone for the entire piece – like an unabashed middle finger to anyone who’s ever dismissed them.

The band prove they aren’t afraid to bare their softer side either, with stripped-back, understated ballad, ‘New York Girl in the Jersey Scene.’ It is also here that their stellar song-writing ability comes through; the honesty and affection in the lyrics giving a poignancy to the track. The combination of the gentle acoustic backing and tenderness of the vocals also works to create a very romantic sound.

This continues into EP closer ‘Empty Space.’ Originally by pop-punk five-piece The Story So Far, RR’s cover opens the song up to a whole new genre. Gone is the thrashing instrumental and aggressive, growl-like vocals of the original, in favour of a more melodic acoustic accompaniment, complimented by softer vocals and some killer harmonies. The arrangement adds a melancholic – almost romantic – quality to the piece, and it’s so polished that you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is actually their song.

Overall ‘Don’t Bet On It, Kid’ is a well rounded EP full of completely addictive tracks with insane hooks. The melodies are stunning and the lyrics and vocals are always brimming with passion and conviction; whether it’s ballsy and raw or stripped-back and heartfelt, both are captivating – albeit in totally different ways. It’s clear that Rogue Re Vera are a force to be reckoned with, with a sound that’s undeniably their own.

Final verdict:
One listen is never enough – can’t wait to hear more from these guys. I’m also really excited for their upcoming acoustic album ‘Scary Stories’ too!

Favourite Tracks:
Montauk Gave The End A Whole New Meaning
Rebel From The Hive

You can check out all the tracks from the EP over on Soundcloud

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