Tracks Of The Month: September

Hola readers,

I know I’ve been quiet recently, but I’m back from my little break and ready to share my favourite tracks of the month with you. Now, both these songs are ones I’ve discovered within the last few weeks, and normally I would wait a little while to include them here but, honestly, I’ve been listening to them so much that I just feel the need to share them sooner rather than later. So, here we go…

Stevie P ft. Sketch – Everything (Part 2)

I stumbled across this track on Twitter after it was retweeted by Sketch – whose name you may recognise if you’ve seen my post on E4’s hugely popular TV show, Tattoo Fixers. A follow-up to Stevie P’s original song ‘Everything’, this version has been re-vamped and now includes the vocal talents of award-winning tattooist Sketch. What’s more, it’s a first look at the duo’s upcoming E.P ‘Southern Comfort.’ (Which I am beyond excited to hear.)

‘Everything (Part 2)’ is predominantly a rap track, with a piano-led instrumental that gives it a more delicate feel. The song is a tribute to the pair’s respective daughters, about how – despite the obstacles they’ve faced in the past – they’re striving to be better for their kids; to be there for them and give them everything.

The poignancy of the song really packs a punch, and the pair perform with such conviction in every word that you’d have to be made of stone not to be moved by it. The unrelenting passion and honesty at play here really come across, giving it both an endearing and empowering quality. The lyrics also obviously deal with some hugely personal matters, thus showing a vulnerable side to the lads – almost like saying ‘have a look inside me.’ The instrumental fits with the tone of the song perfectly – like pieces of a puzzle – accentuating the lyrics and heightening the emotional feel of the piece.

A heartfelt depiction of a father’s love, like an open letter letting their kids know that “daddy’s here.” I have major respect for the guys for putting this out there, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of their EP to see what else they have in store.

Click here to see my previous post on E4’s Tattoo Fixers, featuring Sketch, and if you should feel so inclined, go and show the boys some love on Twitter:
Stevie P / Sketch


Snowblind – Memories

I saw these guys live when I was out in Spain a few weeks back, having caught their set when they played at a local bar. At the time they mainly played covers of well-known pop/rock hits, but there were a few original songs tucked away in there too. Being the music-obsessive that I am, once I knew they wrote their own stuff, my ears pricked like a dog on the hunt. After their set (and a brief chat with vocalist Charlie Ledger) I was passed a copy of their self-titled debut offering. It was here that I found ‘Memories’.

Telling the story of missing someone, and the frustration that comes with that situation, ‘Memories’ is a beautifully sombre-sounding track. It opens with a delicate yet powerful melody, which is quickly enhanced by the addition of Ledger’s smooth, ‘old-school rock’ style vocals. The honesty and intensity that it’s sung with is mesmerizing; effortless and quietly captivating throughout the verses, then as the chorus crashes through, the floodgates open to a torrent of raw emotion that hits you right in the chest. The instrumental works brilliantly to compliment the overall vibe of the song and you can really feel the conflicting emotions at play throughout.

*Please note that I will be doing a full review of Snowblind’s album very soon, but I couldn’t not include this song here as I’ve found myself gravitating towards it (and singing it around the house on an almost daily basis!)

**This is an older video (posted at the beginning of 2014) but it’s what I could find online to share the song with you.

That’s it for my ‘Tracks Of The Month’ September edition so, if you got this far, thanks for reading. I have loads of new reviews lined up so be sure to follow the blog to keep up to date, and if you haven’t already come and join me on:

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