One To Watch – Andy Jordan

If you’re a fan of Bafta-award winning TV show Made In Chelsea then chances are you already know who Andy Jordan is, but just in case you’re not up to speed, allow me to introduce you to this London-based acoustic singer/songwriter. Now before you roll your eyes and groan inwardly, take those preconceptions and throw them away – because in this case, you might be surprised.

True, I wasn’t aware of Jordan’s music career before it was brought to light on the show, but one day I stumbled across a video of him and country singer Fiona Culley covering Avicci’s ‘Wake Me Up’. As soon as I heard him sing I had a bit of a jaw-hitting-the-floor moment; I wasn’t expecting that.


His vocals are deep and soulful, with a smooth tone that’s like swimming in melted chocolate. There were some grey areas during the track, granted, but Jordan can certainly sing. I then came across another video of him – this time with X Factor USA contestant Jillian Jensen – covering John Newman’s ‘Love Me Again’. Sure enough the acoustic ballad-esque arrangement was stunning, and the vocals complimented each other beautifully.


I then decided to do a quick ITunes search to see if there were any tracks up for download that I could check out, and it was there that I came across Jordan’s debut single ‘A Whole Load Of Water’ – a track that would later premier on MIC – and its B-side ‘We Don’t Care.’


‘A Whole Load Of Water’ is acoustic and folky with an, almost, reggae-esque feel to it. The instrumental creates a chilled-out vibe, and the scat vocals peppered throughout give it a real carefree feel. Jordan has said previously that even he doesn’t really know what the song is about, but that seems to be where its beauty lies – it’s a song about being in a state of uncertainty and curiosity. “There’s a whole load of water, flowing through my brain/I don’t know where I’m going/it’s driving me insane.”

Since releasing the song back in 2013, Jordan has put out a host of other singles including the Ep’s title track and ‘Flirty’, as well as embarked on a summer tour during June through July 2014 – joined by pop/rock act Room 94 – which also coincided with the release of the EP on June 22nd.


During his time on the road he has performed at iconic venues in the city such as the 02 Islington Academy and London Scala.

Andy jordan 2015 tour poster

So, it would seem that Andy Jordan isn’t your average reality-star-turned-singer and, despite premiering his debut single on the show, has also said that he is happy for his career to grow organically – I’m excited to hear more from him.

Overall verdict: Great voice and a great sound, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out to see what else Jordan has lined up, and I’d love to check him out live to hear more from him and see what his stage presence is like and how he handles the crowd.

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NB: If you follow me on either Facebook or Twitter, you’ll know that this post has been a long time coming, but when Jordan first premiered his music on Made In Chelsea I didn’t want to immediately ‘jump on the bandwagon’ as I thought that could maybe detract from how good I feel his music is. Like when an artist suddenly gets really big and for a time it seems as though everyone is talking about them? I didn’t want this article to get lost in that sort of thing, which is why I refrained from posting it. However, I recently re-discovered ‘A Whole Load Of Water’, and was reminded why I liked it so much – I even included it in my 2015 summer playlist, and I was listening to it a lot while I was on holiday, so I thought now was a good a time as any to post it. 🙂


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