Jammin’ In July: The End (+ Fail?!)

Hi everyone,

It’s the last day of the month, which means that the time has come to wave goodbye to ‘Jammin’ In July’ also. I know that this series hasn’t gone exactly as planned in terms of regular posts and there are a few different reasons for that – from a week-long case of writer’s block to being without internet for four days during the first few weeks, as well as my other freelancing commitments becoming more intense.

I felt as though I’d planned out my time well, but it just seemed like one thing after another kept cropping up and as a result I haven’t posted twice a week, each week, as I’d planned to do. Though looking at the bigger picture, I only missed three out of the eight posts I’d planned, and threw in an extra post on the VMAs nominations, so when you look at it like that maybe it’s okay? 🙂

Either way, I’ll still be posting the three that I missed, and more, as I have so many new reviews to write about some amazing artists, which I’m super excited to share with you. Going forward, I’m still aiming to post 1 – 2 reviews a week throughout the month of August, which will enable me to make a good dent in my ‘blogs to do’ list.

So, even though ‘Jammin’ In July’ was kind of a fail, I hope that you’ve enjoyed the posts that did make it into the series and stay tuned for the ones coming up!


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