Welcome to: Jammin’ In July!

Hello again,

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, then you may remember that I did a monthly thread called ‘Journaling in January’ at the beginning of the year. If you’re new here, or you just can’t remember back that far, I attempted to post a blog every weekday in January – managing three out of four weeks overall.

Click here to read the review

Click here for ‘Journaling in January’


Posting everyday was a lot more intense than I first expected, or was ready for, but I did get a lot done having more of a sense of routine, naturally. Over the past few months I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of posting once a week; in the past I’ve set myself targets of 2-3 a week, but 1  is totally manageable in the event that anything crops up unexpectedly. So, to that end, I thought I’d do something a little similar for the month of July, hence the title of this post.

I didn’t want to commit myself to posting everyday again, as, as said, I felt that was a bit too much. So, throughout the month of July I’ll be posting two blogs a week: one on a Monday, and one on a Thursday. I feel that having the extra time will mean I won’t have to rush posting, and I’ll also have more of a window to share each post without it coming across as spammy.

I’m also being super organised and have got the majority of the posts planned out already, including: album reviews, discussion type posts and book reviews. (See the full list below, I’ll add in hyperlinks as each post goes live.)

So, I guess there’s nothing more to say except, welcome to ‘Jammin’ In July’ and I hope you enjoy it. I’ll be back on Monday with a review of Ed Sheeran’s newest album ‘X’… See you there?


Album Review: Ed Sheeran ‘X’
Discussion Post: What’s Mine is… Mine? Protecting Intellectual Property.
Book Review: John Green ‘Looking For Alaska’.
The VMA Nominations & Who I’d Vote For.
Tracks of the Month

*Posted  at a later date:

One To Watch: Andy Jordan (posted in Aug)
Album Review: Taylor Swift ‘1989’ (posted in Aug)
Discussion post: Live performances: What really matters? (TBC)

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