Track(s) of the Month: June

Hola readers,

You know the drill by now; it’s the end of the month, so I’m going to share with you the standout tracks that have caught my eye (or ears, rather) over the last few weeks.

I have three songs to share with you today – they’re all total polar opposites and I like them for all different reasons. One is a delicate and romantic cover of a popular R’n’B number, the other a whirlwind of synths and major dancing vibes, and the last a deep house/dance track that is perfect for summer.


Lianne Kaye – Earned It (Cover)

I’ve known of 20 year-old Brit singer/songwriter Lianne Kaye for a while, after stumbling across some of her cover videos on YouTube, and when her recent rendition of Earned It – originally by by R’n’B artist The Weeknd – landed in my subscriptions box my curiosity was piqued. We all know that I love a good cover, especially when an artist puts their own spin on things, so I gave it a listen and I’m so glad I did.

The burlesque, almost cabaret, vibe of the original is gone and has been replaced with a gentle acoustic accompaniment. The arrangement gives the song a really raw quality that is both intriguing and captivating from the get-go, and adds more of a sense of romance to the track.

Kaye’s vocals compliment the sound flawlessly. She has a fantastic tone to her voice, and her range is demonstrated beautifully as she flips between her deep and, almost, husky lower register, to her head voice with total control – also giving more of a dynamic feel.

You could almost forget that this isn’t actually Kaye’s song she sings it so well, and I definitely prefer the stripped-back acoustic vibe to the track. What do you think?


Walk The Moon – Shut Up and Dance

I came to hear this pop-dance track from US Indie rockers, Walk The Moon, a few weeks ago and I’ve been hooked ever since – it just makes me smile whenever I hear it.

A colourful whirlwind of synths and major dancing vibes, I think it’s safe to say that it will no doubt be a huge crowd-pleaser on the festival circuit this year. The over-riding sense of fun is infectious and, add in the slight 80’s sound, it just makes you want to move. So, you heard them, shut up and dance…I dare you not to.


Robin Schulz ft. Jasmine Thompson – Sun Goes Down

I also included this one in my recent ‘2015 Summer Playlist’ and I’ve been playing it a lot now that we’re starting to see some sunshine in the UK. I love everything about this addictive, deep house/dance song; from the summery feel of the instrumental, to the romanticism of the lyrics, and the soft, smoky vocals… I just think it’s perfect for this time of year.

What songs have you been loving this month? Are there any you think I should check out? As always, let me know in a comment.


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