Journaling In January: Time To Move On.

Hi readers,

So it’s the last day in January (am I the only one who thinks this month has gone by in a flash?!) and that means that we’ve also come to the end of this ‘Journaling In January’ series.

At the start of this month I was really looking forward to blogging regularly again, after not having much time to last year, and I said that I was going to post every weekday. However, as I said in a previous update, I didn’t realise how intense blogging everyday would be, especially with juggling freelance work too.

As a result I’ve ended up posting 15 blogs as opposed to the 22 I was aiming for. With that being said, I may’ve missed 7 days, but that means altogether I’ve managed to post daily for a total of three out of four weeks – which I don’t think is too bad, considering.

As with anything it’s just a case of prioritising, and when you’re writing for someone else, with quite a strict deadline, sometimes you can’t fit everything in. I’ve enjoyed doing ‘Journaling In January’, I just think I may’ve tried to do too much to quickly because I was so eager to be writing again, after having a full-time job where I didn’t get to do anything music related.

If you have been following my posts, I hope you’ve enjoyed them. Going into next month I’ll be posting twice a week, on a Tuesday and Thursday, which will give me more time to prepare posts in between my other commitments, while still having blogging as a hobby.

I’d also just like to take a moment to say that I’m really happy to be blogging and writing about music again because it is my passion, so to anyone who has read anything I’ve ever written, shared a post on Facebook or retweeted my tweets, thank you, it means the world to me that you like what I do. I hope you’ve had a fantastic start to 2015, I’ll be back on Tuesday.

Thanks for reading – Sophie.


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