Journaling In January: You Me At Six – Cavalier Youth

Good evenin’ readers, and welcome to another ‘Journaling In January’ post.
Now, I know you’re probably reading the title of this review thinking, ‘didn’t that come out ages ago?’ and the only thing I can say to that is, yes it did – almost a year ago in fact – but I thought I’d post this in light of the news that our favourite Surrey rockers are set to play an intimate charity show in London next month.

The five-piece will be performing at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen as part of Passport Back To The Bars, a week of one-off performances that sees some big names in the industry play intimate venues in support of War Child. Click here if you’d like more information on that.

Cavalier Youth album cover

Surrey- based quintet You Me At Six released their hotly awaited fourth album, Cavalier Youth, in January last year. The album – which went on to top the charts in both the UK and the US – combines the maturity we heard on previous release Sinners Never Sleep, and the pop-rock sound that we know and love the lads for, with a dash of something a little more…ballsy.

Album opener Too Young To Feel This Old and the anthemic Carpe Diem, are both upbeat and fun with major festival vibes. Lead single Lived A Lie is also full of explosive energy, complete with drumrolls, a killer chorus and a gang vocal chant that will undoubtedly have crowds screaming along.


Tracks like Fresh Start Fever, Room to Breathe and Love Me Like You Used To, show a bit of a darker, more ballsy side to the band. Singer, Josh Franceschi, unleashes his emotions and showcases a huskier, grittier tone to his vocals; the intensity and passion behind it unmistakable.


There are also some toned-down numbers in there that pack a punch in a different way, such as album closer Wild Ones, Cold Night and short and sweet sentimental track Be Who You Are. It’s an album full of killer tracks that will no doubt whip gig-goers into a frenzy.

Having been a band for 11 years we have seen You Me At Six grow up, as people as well as artists, and with this album you get the sense that they know who they are now and are comfortable in their own skin – and when it sounds this good, why shouldn’t they be?


Final verdict:

Since their first release in 2008 these boys never disappoint; this is a killer album with a great mix of vibes, from the fun and upbeat, to the mosh-inducing, grittier tracks and everything in between.

Favourite Songs:
Too Young To Feel This Old
Hope For The Best
Carpe Diem


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