Journaling In January: Tracks I’m Loving (Part Two)

Hi everyone,

As promised here is the 2nd part of my most recent ‘Tracks I’m Loving’, these all being from the tail end of 2014, namely November and December. Let me know what you think of the songs, if you’ve heard them or if you haven’t, and I hope I can inspire you to give them all a listen. Enjoy.

To read part one, click here.


#1 Empty Space (cover) – Rogue Re Vera

Ok, so I know I’ve been banging on about this band for the last few months, and you’re probably thinking ‘Soph, we get it, you like them’, but I’m not about to stop because the New York based three piece have done it again with this cover.

Originally by pop-punk outfit The Story So Far, this acoustic version turns the song on its head in a very good way. The instrumental – combined with the delicate vocals – adds a melancholic poignancy to the lyrics, as well as providing a contrast to the somewhat aggressive, and growl-like, vocals of the original. I love it.



#2 Like I Can – Sam Smith

Well what can I say about Sam Smith that I haven’t said already? This newest single from the MOBO award-winning artist’s debut album ‘In the Lonely Hour’, is everything you’d expect from the pop/soul, singer/songwriter in the best possible sense.

It showcases his soulful lower range, the falsetto that’s enough to make the hairs on your arm stand on end, and his ability to flip between the two seamlessly. Despite the lovelorn nature of the lyrics the song has a joyful, uplifting feel to it, with a beat that you can definitely groove to. Can this man do no wrong?



#3 Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

The lead single from Taylor Swift’s most recent offering, 1989, sees the 25 year-old songstress shed her county roots in favour of a straight pop sound. There isn’t a hint of ‘ex-shaming’ in sight, as Swift appears to address her critics in a tongue-in-cheek manner whilst totally making her point.

The song is up-tempo, fun and has a positive overarching message; ‘shake it off.’ Having reached number one in several countries as well as receiving multiple Grammy nominations – including Song of the Year – I don’t think anyone will be shaking it off anytime soon.



#4 Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars 

I’m sure this track needs no introduction because, unless you’ve been living under a rock, I think it’s safe to assume you’ve heard it. Reminiscent of artists like Prince and Michael Jackson, the song sounds like a fusion of a bunch of 80’s hits – which needn’t be a bad thing and in this case it’s a stroke of brilliance.

True to its name, it has an insanely funky and catchy beat that you can’t help but want to dance to, and despite missing out on Christmas number one, the song has held the top spot for a number of weeks in the UK singles chart, and broke the all-time streaming record. So go on, “dance, jump on it.”


And there you have it, the second half of my favourite songs of the moment, charting from, those from a good few months ago to the most recent. I’ve also been listening non-stop to Set It Off’s new album Duality and Ed Sheeran’s Multiply, but I decided not to include any tracks from those as they will be getting their own album reviews as part of ‘Journaling In January’.

If you got this far then thank you for reading, I’d love to know what songs/artists you’re into at the moment so feel free to leave me a comment, I’ll be back tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Journaling In January: Tracks I’m Loving (Part Two)

  1. I’m still loving Uptown Funk, I haven’t got bored of it yet. 🙂

    As for Taylor Swift…I’ve loved all her previous albums so much but I am just not feeling Shake It Off OR Blank Space no matter how much I try. It makes me sad because I want to like it!

    • *high five! I’m obsessed with it, makes me want to go out and dance 🙂

      Oh that’s a shame, maybe you prefer the country thing she had going on? I haven’t listened to Blank Space yet, I’m in a similar boat in that I’m like ‘what if I don’t like it?!’

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