Journaling In January: Top 5 Bands I’d Love to See Again in 2015.

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I hope you all had a great weekend. I’m back again for another ‘Journaling In January’ post, and this one kind of follows on from the last in that, I posted my ‘Top 5 Artists I’d Love to See in 2015’, and whilst compiling that list I realised there were some bands I’d already seen that I still wanted to include. For that reason I decided to do two lists; one for artists I haven’t seen and one for those I’d like to see again.

So here is part two: My Top 5 Bands I’d love to See Again in 2015.


#1 Set It Off

With vocalist Cody Carson. Click here to read the Q&A

With vocalist Cody Carson. Click here to read the Q&A


I had never seen Set It Off live until I got invited to interview them at their London show at Camden’s Electric Ballroom in October 2013. I hadn’t heard any of their music before that night so I was going in totally blind. But, what I was met with was one of the best shows I’ve been to in my whole life.

Despite not really having any expectations, and not knowing every song by heart, that show really got to me, and it was their presence onstage that made me run to the merch desk to buy their album as soon as they’d finished playing. There were moments of both chaos and poignancy – particularly when vocalist Cody Carson spoke about the community an audience makes, and had us scream the words ‘I am not alone’ back at him, before launching into their track Dreamcatcher – but overall, it was insanely fun.

The guys will be back over here in February as part of the Rise of the Runaways Euro tour, and I can’t wait to hear some tracks from their newest release Duality, as well as old favourites – now I can sing along to every word.


#2 The Summer Set

The Summer Set at the Electric Ballroom

The Summer Set at the Electric Ballroom


If you’ve read my blog before then this Arizona based quintet don’t really need any introduction, as you’ll know that I’ve seen them a fair few times already. And there is one very simple reason for that: They put on an awesome show.

Every single time I’ve seen The Summer Set live it’s been an insanely fun pop/punk party that nobody wants to end. Their energy is infectious and their set electrifying; with plenty of opportunities to jump around like a loon, as well as poignant moments that you can’t help but get caught up in. One thing’s for sure, they put everything they have into that moment and it always makes for a killer performance.


#3 Room 94

Vocalist Kieran Lemon

Vocalist Kieran Lemon


I always look forward to seeing this cheeky Hertfordshire based foursome; they’re an absolute blast. These lads are young, carefree and all about the fun. I often feel like one of the oldest people in the audience, the majority being young teenagers, but it’s always a great time. The set is always full of blistering tracks and crowd pleasers that whip the gathering into a frenzy – and rightfully so.

Their personalities also shine through when they indulge in on-stage banter with each other and the audience, usually commanding us to tease bassist Kit Tanton, or by sharing anecdotes. For instance, singer Kieran Lemon once mused on how it’s easy for boys to have a sneaky wee in a bottle during a long drive on the motorway, and decided that he had figured out the solution for girls: Pringle pots, yes Pringle pots. “I’m not really sure where you’re going with this”, laughed guitarist Sean Lemon. But nobody really minded.


#4 You Me At Six

You Me At Six at the Astoria in 2008

You Me At Six at the Astoria in 2008


I’ve been a fan of You Me At Six since I was seventeen and in that time I’ve seen them grow up, as people and as artists. I have seen them live 10 times – the first in 2008 and the last in 2011 – and the Surrey quintet have come a long way since their beginning in 2005. With five studio albums and a headline show at Wembley arena among their achievements, they now find themselves at the forefront of British rock music, gaining airplay on mainstream radio stations such as Radio One and reaching number one in the mid-week charts.

The underdog heroes never disappoint with their live show; as evidenced in how many times I’ve seen them. They are always full of energy and fun, and I think after 3 years it’s been long enough since I’ve seen them do their thing.


#5 William Beckett

Click here to see the review

William Beckett at Islington Academy. Click here to see the review


I saw ex- The Academy Is, frontman turned solo artist supporting The Summer Set last April. I’d always know of William Beckett – he was a prominent pin up in Kerrang! once upon a time – and I liked the odd track from the Academy Is, but in truth for the most part I was, like with Set It Off, going in blind. And again, I wasn’t disappointed.

His set was full of addictive tracks including Compromising meCracks In The Ceiling and Pick Up The Phone; the audience screaming along at every given opportunity.  He was also joined onstage by The Summer Set’s Brian Dales for a beautifully haunting performance of Just You Wait; a track Beckett penned for his sister in light of her struggles with depression and anxiety. I would assume a longer set would be even better and I wouldn’t say no to a repeat performance.


If you got this far, well done and thanks for reading, coming up on ‘Journaling in January’ tomorrow is a brand new ‘Tracks I’m Loving’ – see you then?


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