Journaling In January: Top 5 Artists I’d Love to See in 2015.

Hola readers, and welcome to the 2nd post in my ‘Journaling in January’ series.
I posted a new year’s blog yesterday in which I explained a little bit about what ‘Journaling In January’ is, but in case you missed it, I will be posting a blog every weekday in January in a bid to get myself into more of a routine with blogging and to get myself up to date after being so slack in 2014.

Around this time last year I posted my ‘Top 3 albums of 2013’, but I’ve seen a lot of best/worst album lists floating around the internet so I wanted to do something a little different. To that end, I decided to list the top 5 bands/artists that I’d love to see in 2015 (or ever.)

However, whilst I was compiling this list I realised that there were some bands that I have seen before but still deserve inclusion as I’d love to see them again. Therefore, I decided to do two lists: one for those I haven’t seen and one for those I’d like to see again – bonus.

So here is part one: Bands/Artists I’d love to see in 2015.

#1 The Cab

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog then this name will be very familiar to you, but in case you’re not, this Las Vegas based four-some have been on countless tours, released four EPs, two full-length albums, and gained recognition from UK radio stations and mainstream newspaper The Sun, but have never actually played a show here.

Despite having gone through a bunch of significant line-up changes – so much so that singer Alex DeLeon is the only original member – and switching up their musical direction, the band are still going strong. With, as yet untitled, album number three on the horizon I’m hoping that this will be the year that they finally tour the UK… c’mon guys, haven’t we waited long enough?


#2 Rogue Re Vera

Rogue Re Vera

This New York based, acoustic/alternative three-piece are fast becoming one of my favourite bands. Originally formed as a solo project by vocalist Brittany ‘brutality’ Gianino back in 2005, the line-up has since grown into a full band, including Jake Dickinson on drums and bassist Kyle Tucci.

I became pretty addicted to their music back in October after coming across their music on YouTube and I just fell in love with their sound. After a few weeks I was still hooked so I decided to post a ‘Ones to Watch’ blog on them, and that review ended up being my most viewed post of 2014 (and my most viewed post ever come to think of it!) with 162 views in a matter of hours.

The band even offered to send me a free t-shirt and acoustic demo which I can’t wait to receive *lets out squeal of excitement.* As I said in my previous review, I’d love to check these guys out live, whether it be full band or acoustic, but seeing as that would require a transatlantic flight (though I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it) I’ll just have to cross my fingers, and just about everywhere else, that they make it to the UK.


#3 Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is an artist who kind of crept up on me last year, I’ve always liked his music but I’ve really fallen in love with it recently.

There’s no denying that 2014 was a good year for Sheeran; he graced the stage at The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show as well as the first ever BBC Music Awards, where he scooped the trophy for British Artist of the Year. And with hits like Sing, Thinking Out Loud and the lesser known, All of The Stars, from The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack (which I’m addicted to right now!) it’s not really a huge surprise that he was named the biggest selling artist of 2014.


#4 Sam Smith

Sam Smith has become one of my favourite male vocalists this past year. The extent of this honey-voiced singer/songwriter’s talent is rivalled by few; always drenched in soul and oozing raw emotion. With his album In the Lonely Hour debuting at number one, a string of number one singles under his belt, and many other accolades, it’s not surprising that Smith captured the hearts of many in 2014 – including mine.


#5 Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding is another artist that caught me by surprise. I’d always known of her and liked her music but I found myself being really captured by it in 2014. As with Sam Smith, Goulding has become one of my favourite vocalists; her slightly accented soprano vocals are always flawless and her music bursting with emotion without ever feeling too intense.

She is a rare example of an artist who sounds exactly the same as she does on record; her voice needn’t be drowned in effects to sound great, she does that perfectly by herself. After seeing her performance on 2014’s Royal Variety show, as well as some others, I think seeing her live would be fun, poignant and undoubtedly brilliant.

*Be sure to check back tomorrow for part two: Bands/artists I’d love to see again in 2015. #JournalingInJan. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Journaling In January: Top 5 Artists I’d Love to See in 2015.

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