Journaling In January: Happy New Year (and here’s to 2015.)

Happy New Year WordPress/readers.

I hope that however you celebrated – whether you had a night in with your loved ones, were cosied up in your dressing gown and fuzzy socks in front of the TV, or were out downing your 10th shot at the bar before joining hands with your fellow revelers and drunkenly singing Auld Lang Syne – that you enjoyed the last night of 2014 and had a great time.

While you’re nursing your hangover I just wanted to take the time to explain why I’ve been so quiet on the blogging front this last year, and tell you a little bit about what 2015 has in store. If you’re a regular visitor to my blog, or you follow me on any social media, then you may know that I got my first proper job this year. Originally starting out as an intern with South Bank London, my eight week placement turned into a further six month contract under the title of Digital Marketing Assistant, only to be extended again until the end of December.
My job was located in the heart of the city which meant that I had an hour and a half’s commute on my hands, which in turn meant that by the time I got home in the evening, the last thing I was thinking about was doing more work – so naturally blogging took a backseat.

Though, I learned and achieved a lot during my time there, for instance we saw the company’s twitter account grow by 70 thousand while I was managing it, which is something I’m very proud of, I gained more of an insight into social media and learnt things that I can apply to my own work, and I became involved with some promotional campaigns. I also got the opportunity to learn about the more corporate side of things and work on some business events, and I even got to squeeze in some music stuff when House of Vans invited me to go and review Julian Casablancas + The Voidz last month.

Click here to read the review

Click here to read the review

However, having such an intense nine to five job did make me realise that whatever you decide to dedicate your life to, you have to be passionate about it, to enjoy it and it has to be fun, and – while I did enjoy my time there – for me that will always be music. I hope to maintain a professional relationship with the company as I have great respect for what they do and the amount of work they put in, but now that my time there has come to an end I’m ready to get back to music and blogging. And, seeing as I’ve got a whole list of blogs that I want to write, I’ve decided to start a series called ‘Journaling in January’ – because a blog’s kind of like a journal right? (just go with me on this.)

During the month of January I’ll be posting every day, excluding weekends, in a bid to get myself into a routine with blogging and to get myself up to date. As well as this, I also plan to finish my ‘Throwback Thursday’ series that I started way back in 2013, along with continuing my regular ‘Track’s I’m Loving’ thread and the usual interviews and reviews.

On a personal level, 2014 has been a pretty good year for me. I’ve challenged myself and learned to deal better with my anxieties, and in turn, learned a lot about myself and become a stronger person. I realized that some things I thought I wanted, weren’t right for me, and I now know what I want and what I will, and won’t, put up with or put myself through to get there.
I also met some fantastic new people who, in their own ways, have helped me become more confident and believe in myself more, and I am incredibly thankful for that.

This year has shown me that everything happens for a reason and to trust that. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you thought they would but it’s ok, and even exciting, not to have a plan sometimes. Of course, there are things I want to do but there’s no rush, life isn’t a sprint to the end, you’ve got to enjoy the time in between. Now it’s time for me to do me and continue to be content and confident in myself doing things that make me happy. Follow your passions and live your life for you, and if you don’t like something change it.

Lastly, I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who has read my blog or seen my work this year, whether you stumbled upon it by accident or you follow me on social media, thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, like my page on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, it means the world to me that you like what I do because I’m just someone trying to live my dream, and without artists allowing me to interview them or people to read my articles I wouldn’t be able to do that, so from the bottom of my heart thank you. And to the wonderful musicians that make the music that I love and that inspires me to keep going, without you I’d have nothing to write about so keep doing what you’re doing and know that it is something I’ll never be able to thank you enough for.

Happy New Year everyone, I hope it’s a fantastic one for us all.


2 thoughts on “Journaling In January: Happy New Year (and here’s to 2015.)

  1. Woop, woop, awesome summary! I enjoyed reading this. I’m so glad 2014 has been such an intense but good year for you in terms of confidence, learning about yourself and reaching the milestone of having your first proper adult job! It’s crazy to think that I might be doing something similar soon. Here’s to hoping that 2015 will be just as good, and that the music faeries might grant your wish of a job in something related to music. 😉

    • 😀 Thanks Becky, I’m glad you enjoyed reading it! Thanks, I’m sure you’ll be fine! I had a hard time getting a job at first and it does take time but something will come up 🙂 Cheers to that, I hope so! and I hope that 2015 is a good one for you too. I look forward to reading more of your book reviews this year 🙂 (my The Fault in Our Stars one is coming soon!)

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