Ones To Watch: Rogue Re Vera

Rogue: a person whose behaviour one disapproves of, but who is nonetheless likeable. Re Vera: (Latin) In truth…

Loveable rogues set to steal your heart.

“This band is the project of your alter-ego, everything you ever wished you said and didn’t; the person that rages when you can’t bottle everything up anymore,” reads Rogue Re Vera’s Facebook page bio. The alternative acoustic three-piece – hailing from Long Island New York – is made up of vocalist/guitarist Brittany ‘brutality’ Giannio, bassist Kyle Tucci and Jake Dickinson on drums.

Rogue Re Vera

Originally formed as a solo project by Brittany in 2005, the line-up has since grown into a full band, citing influences such as Jimmy Eat World, Alkaline Trio, The Story So Far and The Pretty Reckless. With a host of acoustic demos online – both on the band’s YouTube channel as well as Brittany’s own channel – it was here that I found, and fell in love with, their music.

Rogue Re Vera

The first track I listened to was a live acoustic version of ‘Montauk Gave the End a Whole New Meaning’ – and I was instantly hooked.

The song opens with a beautifully delicate melody, which Brit’s voice compliments brilliantly. I also found myself massively intrigued by the tone of the vocals simply because it wasn’t what I was expecting. I thought I was in store for some guttural Brody Dalle-esque scream vocals, but what I was met with was a gentle, almost sweet sound, without being too cloying. It’s a quality that really draws you in; anticipating what she’s going to do next.

There are some growl-like vocals thrown in there though; the huskier tone adding a heavier feel and accenting the emotion behind the lyrics. This can also be heard in other tracks like ‘1229’ and ‘If I Say Please’ which, again, both have great melodic instrumentals with Brittany’s vocals complimenting that, and at times acting as a contrast with the more raw tone.

Brit’s is without doubt a rock voice, however, she isn’t afraid to bare her softer side either; as shown by the delicate, yet fiercely romantic, ballad ‘New York Girl in the Jersey Scene.’


I’d definitely love to check these guys out live – whether as a full band or acoustically – but seeing as I’m based in the UK and that would involve a transatlantic flight, I’ll just have to cross my fingers (and toes, and every other crossable part of my body) that they’ll make it over here one day. And not only because gigs are pretty much the place to buy merch and I’d totally rock a Rogue Re Vera vest to help spread the word in England. 😉

One thing we can definitely look forward to though is that the band are currently recording an, as yet untitled, EP…so get excited to hear some new/full band stuff. If their previous is anything to go by it’s going to be full of addictive tracks that you’re going to want to hear again and again. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.


Favourite tracks:

  • Montauk Gave the End a Whole New Meaning

(The guys also put a downloadable version of this song up on Soundcloud the same week I became addicted to it – it’s as if they knew! Download it for free here.)

  • If I Say Please


Where to Find Them:

Facebook     Twitter     YouTube     Soundcloud


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