I’m posting a blog…WHAT IS THIS?!

Hola WordPress, long time no talk.

I just want to start off by saying that I know the blog has been ridiculously quiet over these last 2 and a bit months (I still can’t believe it’s been that long!) and I can only apologise for that. I’m not going to make excuses for myself, but what I will say is that having a full time job has been taking up the majority of my time.

I started my job back in January on an eight week internship, with all intentions to carry on blogging throughout. However, as I was adjusting to the job and what came with it (I.E the daily commute) blogging did inevitably take a backseat, and even more so when I was offered a 6 month position at the company.

Lately I’ve realised that I’ve become stuck in this rut of going to work and not really doing much else, which has evidently taken me away from blogging; something I love to do. So I’ve decided to do something about it and make more of an effort to post more regularly like I used to, because I do really enjoy it.

With that being said I did go on holiday to Spain in mid June, it was my first holiday in four years (yes, you read that correctly!) as I didn’t take any time off while I was at university – focusing on my studies and pouring all of my time and energy into getting the best grades possible. But when you have a demanding 9-5 job, like I said before, you can find yourself getting stuck in a rut; the same journey becomes monotonous, little things get on your nerves, and you become increasingly irritable. The thing you once enjoyed can just become another chore to add to the seemingly never ending list in your mind.

As I said earlier, that is where I found myself; I wasn’t doing anything outside of my job and by the time I’d get home some nights I just wanted to flop onto the sofa and never move. The last thing I wanted to do was come in and do more work.

Giving myself a break sounded like exactly what I needed, a complete break: No phone, no laptop, no internet. I just wanted some time to myself. And to be honest, it wasn’t bad. Sometimes I feel like we’re so obsessed with technology nowadays, with taking selfies and relaying information on social media that we can get caught up in trying to capture a moment instead of actually living it. I’m guilty of it, I won’t deny that, but in truth there were only a few times when I missed my phone, and that was fleetingly when I heard songs on the radio and thought about tweeting about them.

I actually had the idea for this post whilst I was sat on the beach one afternoon in the brilliant sunshine, watching the people and listening to the crash of the waves against the shore; I realised that I didn’t need to run into the sea and take loads of selfies, or take a silly amount of pictures of the view to upload, and honestly, I didn’t really want to. The experience was mine and I was able to fully appreciate it and enjoy it without being preoccupied with documenting it.

I’ve had the same experience with gigs in the past; I’ve been so concerned with capturing the gig that I’ve ended up seeing the majority of the show through a lens, which has actually taken away from the actual experience and the enjoyment of that moment. Seeing something through a lens will never compare to experiencing it in person. I’m not saying I’ll never post gig footage again, because I definitely will, I just won’t get so caught up in videoing as much.

So, in short, I did fall off the radar for a while there but I really want to get back into blogging. I managed to get four posts (not including this one) written up while I was away because I wanted to, not because I felt like I had to. Writing is a pleasure for me and I think I just needed reminding of that. Sometimes it takes a step back to realise what’s really important, and everybody needs a time out every now and then so if you get one take advantage of it. In the words of Arizona pop-rockers The Summer Set, “no phones, let go, cut all the strings tonight.”

It really was a break from life as I know it, whereby social media is prominent and a huge part of social interaction, but in the words of The Cab frontman Alexander Deleon, “stop looking for expensive cameras, the best ones are found on your face.”

It feels good to be back.


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