The Cab – Lock Me Up EP

Las Vegas based rockers show a new side to the band with newest offering
Lock Me Up.

The Cab lock me up EP cover


Almost a full three years after the release of second album Symphony Soldier, The Cab have finally given us a taste of what’s to come with, as yet untitled, album #3. Released on April 29th, no doubt to coincide with popular fan trend ‘The Cab Day’, Lock Me Up is a five track EP that has shed the Fall Out Boy-esque rock sound that was evident in Whisper War and, admittedly less so, in Symphony Soldier to make way for a more pop/R’n’B sound.

Title track and EP opener Lock Me Up is a ferocious sounding stomper of a track complete with an insanely addictive chorus and mad sing-along vibes. Flirtatious upbeat dance track Moon would suit being blasted at full volume in a night club, if given half the chance, at times sounding very reminiscent of Maroon 5’s Lucky Strike.

Numbers slows things down in the form of a smooth pop/R’n’B ballad that would sit comfortably with Justin Timberlake’s earlier solo material. This track also demonstrates just how far Alex Deleon has progressed as a vocalist; the honey-voiced drizzle of his smooth, soulful tone giving the song major Top 40 potential. Stand Up oozes more of a Hip-Hop sound and, again, see’s Alex channelling his inner JT with some rap-style vocals.

Closing track These Are The Lies is another R’n’B, almost, ballad with a funky, electronic club-worthy chorus that is hands-in-the-air good, and again shows off DeLeon’s flawless pipes as well as his ability to pen great lyrics.

So it’s safe to say that The Cab from back in the day is gone; you almost have to keep reminding yourself that it is in fact the same band – by name at least. There have been some significant line-up changes over the years, and the recent departure of original member Alex Marshall makes vocalist Alex DeLeon the only founding member left.

It’s slowly been drip-fed to us that the band have been heading down a different path musically, with Alex DeLeon hinting at the changes on Twitter over the past few months, and this EP is the closest they’ve currently got to something that could potentially land in the top 40.

So if you’re clutching to the memories of the early Fall Out Boy/Panic! At The Disco-esque sounds of Whisper War this is likely to be a bit of a shock to the system, however, if you’ve grown up listening to them and have followed the band’s journey over the years it’s likely that this progression makes a bit more sense. After all, as you grow and change as a person so does your music taste and, in turn, the music you put out.

The overall vibe and lyrics are still the inspiring kind we know and love The Cab for, it’s just set to a different musical backdrop. Admittedly it leaves something to be desired, but taking into account that the full album is yet to come it could be argued that this is to be expected.

Overall verdict: Due to the change in musical direction it does take a few listens to properly get into, but once you do you’ll love it. Can’t wait to hear the full album. 🙂

Favourite tracks:

  • Lock Me Up (Check out the official lyric video here.)
  • Moon

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