Ones To Watch: Anavae

Anavae are an alternative rock duo hailing from London UK. Formed by vocalist Rebecca Need-Menear and guitarist Jamie Finch in 2011, Anavae have accomplished a lot during their – relatively short – time as a band.
Not only have they caught the attention of some of the front-runners in the UK music press, earning praise from magazines such as Kerrang! and Rocksound, they also signed with UK based pop/rock label Lab Records at the top of this year.

Photo by: Chris Clough photography

Photo by: Chris Clough photography

Though since the influx of female fronted rock bands back in 2007, there seems to have become an instant need to draw comparison or likeness to other female vocalists, an expectation that every female fronted rock band is going to be
‘just another…’.  To you, I’d say take that assumption and throw it away, go on, I’ll wait.

Unlike some of their more pop/punk counterparts, Anavae definitely veer towards the heavier end of the spectrum, with tracks like Invaesion (like Anavae invasion, see what they did there?) comprising of ballsy guitars, thrashing drums, powerhouse vocals and – at points – even a bit of a dub-step vibe.


It’s got guts, and it works. Explosive, brash and unapologetic, it demands your attention from the minute you press play and doesn’t let up. There’s also a live acoustic version of the track on YouTube, and it really showcases the pure talent these two possess. The vocals pack a punch – effortlessly brimming with raw emotion – and the guitar is delicate and haunting, creating a great contrasting dynamic.

Another track I became pretty addicted to was World In A Bottle.


Contrastingly it has less of the intense and dark feel to it, and has shed the dub-steppy electronic elements. But it’s still just as gutsy, with a killer hook that is, no doubt, a crowd pleaser.

More recently, after signing a deal with UK based Lab Records in January this year, the band went on to release their single Storm Chaser, and EP of the same name, in February. They also unveiled their newest single Anti-Faith early last month, following some pretty intriguing online teasers.


The lead single from eagerly anticipated upcoming EP Dimensions, Anti-Faith is everything we’ve come to know and love Anavae for, but with an earth shattering kick. It’s a brilliant introduction to what looks to be a very promising EP.

Aside from this, Rebecca and Jamie also post cover videos on YouTube from time to time. Having covered a diverse range of artists, from Paramore to Katy Perry, they did a collaboration video back in August with pop/funk foursome Tides, putting their stamp on Maroon 5’s Harder To Breathe. And what an incredible stamp it was.


Anavae show no sign of slowing down anytime soon either, having just finished a UK tour with The Famous Class, and with newest offering Dimensions set for release in exactly a week, this is just the beginning.

But if you can’t wait a week you’re in luck, vocalist Rebecca Need-Menear posted another preview – new track Aeon – on YouTube a few days ago, so check that out HERE.

Where can I find them?! I hear you ask. Well, if you like what you hear you can check Anavae out on:

Facebook       Twitter     YouTube 

Go and join the Invaesion 🙂


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