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Hey everyone.

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog, then by now you know how this works. Basically, I’m going to list the songs that I’ve been addicted to over – in this case – the last few months and tell you why I like them so much.

I say ‘addicted’ because if I really like something, I’m the type of person that can listen to it constantly for weeks and weeks.

You’ll also be happy to know that once this blog goes live I’m officially up-to-date with my ‘Tracks I’m Loving’ posts, after getting backed up with so many during, and after, uni.

Phew! We got there in the end 🙂 So without further ado…

Jessie J – Wild


First off let me just say that I absolutely love Jessie J, I think she’s an amazingly talented and extremely hard-working artist.

The lead single from her newest album Alive, Wild, has a great dance-y beat and is one you wouldn’t mind strutting your stuff to on a night out with friends. The rap sections from Big Sean and Dizzee Rascal give the track more of a gritty R’n’B feel, and the lyrics are really motivational and give the message that if you really want something, and work your ass off for it, amazing things can- and will – happen.

As always Jessie J’s powerhouse vocals are on top form. Consistently strong throughout, she glides between the lower and higher notes effortlessly, showcasing her range and injecting a healthy dose of attitude into the song.

“When it gets rough and the rain starts pourin’, I turn up the heat ‘coz the drama ain’t important.” – enough said.


Lawson ft Bob – broken Hearted


I don’t really have much to say about this song, other than it’s a pretty good pop song that’s too damn catchy for it’s own good, complete with a “la la la” refrain and all.

Andy Brown’s vocals are, without doubt, impressive (just listen to the trill on “now, you wanna be with me” and you’ll see what I mean) and the guest vocals from rapper BOB give the track a cheeky, playful feel, “that’s just how we do it, if I had a remote then you would be muted.”

*shrugs* It’s just one of those songs that’s so catchy, before you know where you are you can’t get it out of your head.


Gavin Degraw – I Don’t Wanna Be


I came to hear of this song back in 2003, because it served as the title theme for US TV drama One Tree Hill, and ever since then I have loved the song. Every time I hear the lilting guitar opening, it instantly makes me smile and gives me that feeling you get when you see an old friend you haven’t seen in a while.

The lyrics are ones of personal growth and self acceptance, “I’m tired of looking around rooms wondering what I’ve gotta do, or who I’m supposed to be/I don’t wanna be anything other than me.” The instrumental works to accentuate the lyrics, and the strength in Degraw’s vocals mean that it drips with conviction and passion.

I recently caught up with the final season of One Tree Hill, hence why this song is in this post. I grew up watching the show and this track really does encompass its ethos. It always takes me back to my teenage years, the time when you’re really figuring out who you are and who you want to be, so it means a lot to me.


Cassadee Pope – Wasting All These Tears


This is Cassadee Pope’s first solo single since winning The Voice USA. I have been a fan of Cassadee Pope since the days of Hey Monday, and followed her progress on The Voice.

Her time on the show saw her transition from singing, mostly, pop/rock to country. This track see’s her successfully mix the two, incorporating elements of country with her signature pop/rock vocals, and it really works.

Pope’s vocals carry the ability to inject bags of emotion into the song, giving  it the right amount of bite to tell the story in a way that you can really believe. The lyrics are empowering and, personally, I can really relate to them, and I’m sure a lot of other people can too.


You Me At Six – Lived A Lie


I’ll be honest, even though I’ve loved You Me At Six since before their debut album Take Off Your Colours was released, this track took me a while to get into.

If you listen to their albums over the years, it’s clear that the boys have toned down their pop-punk-party and grown up a lot, and along with that so has their sound.  This track carries the same mature vibe that we heard on Sinners Never Sleep, but injects some of the old pop/rock sound that we know and love the boys for. In true YMAS style, the chorus is full of explosive energy that will no doubt get crowds pumping their fists and bouncing along.

The part I wasn’t, initially, sure on is the ‘we are believers’ chant during the middle-eight. I thought the accompanying drum-rolls made it sound very reminiscent of The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. However, after listening to the track a few times I realised that it is a very powerful part of the song, and I imagine – in a live setting – would see the audience united, raising their fists in the air and screaming along. This song is definitely a ‘grower’, but it has well and truly grown on me and I really like it. Can’t wait to hear new album Cavalier Youth.


Ed Sheeran – You Need Me, I Don’t Need You


This is a song that I’ve liked for a while and have re-discovered recently. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard it until I saw Sam Callahan (now participating in The X Factor UK) cover it at his gig at Islington Academy supporting Room 94, but hearing the cover made me curious to check it out, as my immediate thought when I think of Ed Sheeran is acoustic-pop ballads like A-Team and Lego House.

This track has more of a hip-hop vibe to it, opening with a beat-box motif and comprising of rap-style vocals. It has a riff that is so infectious you can’t help but nod along to it, and Sheeran sing-speaks with conviction, making little quips like, “I came fast with the way I act, right/I can’t last if I’m smoking on a crack pipe”, and “they say I’m up and coming like I’m fucking in an elevator.”

I really like this song and the fact that it’s just trying to say it like it is; this is me, take it or leave it. “I’m still the same as a year ago but more people hear me though/according to the MySpace and YouTube videos.” Although a little different from Ed’s more commercial tracks, it’s still a great song with smart, and at times, witty, lyrics. WIN.


Landon Austin – Once in A lifetime.


There is one word that immediately comes to mind when I think of this song: Beautiful. The delicate guitar work and Austin’s melodic voice are nothing short of wonderful, and the track has a real sense of elegance to it. Its extremely heart-felt lyrics such as, “don’t you know you stop the room?/and all that I can see is you/I’m standing where the lightning strikes, I know this doesn’t happen twice/you must be my once in a lifetime.” make the song moving and poignant. I can imagine this being the perfect wedding song.


A few other tracks worth mentioning are:

Ed Sheeran ft Passenger – No Diggity.
(I wasn’t expecting to like this cover as much, but I do. I love Passenger and Ed’s vocals together, and I think the acoustic vibe gives it a great feel.)

Demi Lovato – lightweight.
(Great vocals, as always, and I love the lyrics.)

A few months back I also really got into Anavae and Issues, both of which I’m going to do separate reviews on, hence why they’re not included.

And more recently, like in the last few days, I’ve been addicted to Set It Off.


I recently did a, slightly impromptu, interview with their vocalist Cody Carson (if you want to check that out click HERE) and since then I’ve been listening to their album Cinematics everyday, at least once a day, sometimes I even wake up with the songs in my head. So I’ll be doing a review of that in the next few weeks.


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