Where Have I Been?!

Hi Everyone,

I know it’s been a good while since I’ve really posted anything on the blog, but there is a pretty good reason for it which I’m excited to share with you.

For my last university project I had to produce my own magazine; that’s come up with the concept, ideas for content, and design the whole thing. Being that I’m not much of a graphics whizz I didn’t want to do a print magazine, so I chose to do an online magazine.

I chose to call it ‘Music Is Love’ with the idea that, ‘music is a way of life, not just a soundtrack to it.’ The About section on the website reads:

“Music is Love, is an online music magazine that will embody and exude the unbridled passion of music fans. It will approach music as a love, a way of life, an identity, an integral part of life.

 Nowadays fans and artists are breaking down the divide and becoming friends; fans are more actively involved in helping promote artists, almost to the point where they’ve replaced A&R and the need for a record label. The magazine will reflect the mutual love and respect artists and fans now share.

 With Music Is Love I’d like to write about the bands and artists that I love and want to give that push so more people can hear their music, to be that small part of their journey. Music is my passion and it is to a lot of people, so I want to everyone to be involved; fans and bands alike, to express our love for music and the people who make it.”

I’m really proud of how the website turned out, considering that the idea started in my head and I was able to see it take shape into, not just a piece of writing but a whole body of work and a professional looking site. Though, I’m not going to lie, it was a lot of work. I came up with all the content ideas myself, did all the accompanying research and interviews, and did the web design. But I really enjoyed watching it take shape and I’m really proud of the finished product.

That doesn’t mean I’m abandoning Rockersophz27’s blog by any means, this is where it all started and I won’t forget that. I like the fact that this blog is a little bit more informal and a bit more of everything, but I also like the fact that Music Is Love is a bit more professional and is something that I can show to potential employers.

You can check it out over at: www.musicislovemagazine.co.uk should you wish to – it’d be great to hear what everyone thinks of it.

There are interviews with emerging artists like:
Elissa Franceschi, Austin Nivarel and The Product.

A  ‘Bands You Should Know’ section featuring:
The Cab,
The Summer Set
and Cassadee Pope.

There are also reviews of current singles, albums and a live review of Hertfordshire pop rockers Room 94′s show at London’s Islington Academy from their last tour.

As well as features on the current live music scene, the increase of fan-funding, and so much more.

If you do check it out feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you thought.

Thanks 🙂



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