Tracks I was Loving. (Over the last two and a half months!)

I started writing this blog a while back but never got round to finishing it with all the other work I had to do. So here are some of the songs I’ve been playing non-stop over the last few months. (From oldest to newest.)

The Summer Set – Fuck U Over

After seeing this song performed live I bought it as soon as it came out on ITunes. It’s from their, as yet untitled, upcoming album, and in true TSS style it’s upbeat, fun as hell, and wickedly catchy. The video premiered on and it’s like a slice of a TSS tour, it’s cheeky and laugh-out-loud-funny in places. As you can guess by the title, the song is rather explicit but it’s done in such a tasteful, playful way that it doesn’t make it sound undignified. And the la la la refrain won’t leave your head for days. I can’t wait for the new album to drop because if this song is any indication, it’s going to be great.

Demi Lovato – Skyscraper

I couldn’t stop listening to this song for a while. It’s absolutely beautiful. It showcases how talented an artist Demi Lovato actually is and that she’s more than just ‘another Disney girl’; she can really sing. I’ve caught a few live performances of her singing this online, and she sounds exactly the same live as she does on record; there are no gimmicks or effects there, she really has genuine talent. From the low notes to hitting the higher ones her voice doesn’t falter, and I think the song its self is so moving and heartfelt, it’s really inspirational. And I think that to be able to deliver a, sometimes deeply personal, message in such a way that can touch so many people and when a song can move an audience so strongly, that is a mark of great artistry. Which is exactly what Demi Lovato is, an extremely talented artist, and I think for all her problems and everything she’s been though she’s inspirational not just as an artist but as a person too. I’m also really loving her track ‘Catch Me’ so I’d recommend checking that one out too, it’s a very gentle and soft , almost, lovesong, and I just think it’s really sweet.

Natives – This Island

When I saw Natives (Ex Not Advised) supporting Mayday Parade a few months ago, this song really stood out to me, and I’ve been listening to it a lot since. This track  definitely has a summery, upbeat, fun feel despite the lyrics contradicting that. And the song’s insanely catchy chorus will undoubtedly have you singing and dancing along in no time. It translates amazingly well live too, the chorus whipping the crowd into a frenzy; jumping along to the beat. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on these guys to see what more their upcoming debut album has to offer.

Mayday Parade – Miserable at Best

Another song I’ve been listening to since seeing Mayday Parade in Camden a few months ago. This song is ridiculously beautiful, and incredibly moving. It’s a very slowed down track with a haunting piano accompaniment, that I think creates more room for the lyrics to be heard and be the main focus, without the distraction of drums and guitars. And frankly, this song doesn’t need any of that. When I saw it played live, I was immediately struck by how passionately the audience were singing along; it was to the point where the crowd took over and were screaming along with the words so clearly, and without sounding cheesy, you could feel the love in the room and how the audience had taken that song to their hearts so strongly and really believed in it, as well as in the band. It was really moving to see/hear how someone can write a song that they can personally be so wrapped up in, and how the audience are just as wrapped up in it as you are as an artist. How music has that ability to effect people on that level and create a sense of community, even if it’s just for however long that show is, is amazing to me. I think the song is worth a listen whether you’re a fan of the band or not, as it may just change your mind. Another track I would recommend by them is Oh Well, Oh Well which has a very haunting opening before the guitars and drums come crashing through. There’s still a slight melancholy to this it but the rock set-up and beat make it a track that will still get audiences bouncing – as I have witnessed.

The Cab – Crown

Do I even need to explain this?!?! haha. It’s been a long time coming, Alex DeLeon posted little snippets of this track, and its lyrics, on his blog a while back in the run up to Symphony Soldier and then it went quiet. Then after the song was cut from the album I started seeing things on Twitter about the track being produced, and I’m just sitting here thinking “when is this going to be released?” So every now and then I’d go on YouTube and see if there was anything, and then one day I came across this video. So naturally I gave it a listen and I instantly fell in love with it. The song is really different from The Cab’s pop/rock style, and you can hear that immediately. It’s slowed down and almost has an R’n’B-ish vibe to it, which kind of put me in mind of Timberland, particularly the chorus.
I really love the  production of the song, and the lyrics are really well written and, as par for the course with The Cab, absolutely beautiful. DeLeon’s vocals are nothing less than his usual voice-of-an-angel, and as in most songs, effortless as he switches between ranges and doesn’t falter. I can understand why the song didn’t make it to Symphony Soldier because it’s so different from all of the songs currently on there, but let’s hope that it’ll make its way to the new album, it’s too good to waste.

Bruno Mars – Talking to the Moon

Another slow one, but I really love this song despite the melancholia to it. Mainly just a guitar and Mars’s vocals, the track is simple but undoubtedly effective. I love the story of the song and I think the instrumental works to accentuate that. Mars’ vocals are flawless, showcasing his range with both lower and higher notes, which he hits effortlessly, and adds a healthy dose of emotion and honesty to the track, making it anything but flat. It’s a relatable, heartfelt song that could really be someone’s life.

Alex Goot – Pretty Eyes

I recently discovered Alex Goot’s music and I’m really glad I did. This is a really nice song, with a lovely vibe to it. It’s really well crafted and the tone of the piano, the vocals and the lyrics fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Goot has a great voice and range, which he uses very well in the track; there’s nothing scratchy or forced here, and the switching between low and high notes adds depth and works fantastically well. There is no denying that this guy is very talented and I’ll be keeping my eyes/ears open to hear more from him.

Taylor Swift – We are never getting back together.

I’ve always been a fan of Taylor Swift’s music, and I don’t think there’s a song of hers that I can really vehemently say I don’t like, so this is kind of a given.
But what surprises me is, unlike a lot of her songs which go down the heartbreak route, this song doesn’t dwell on the negative and actually turns it into a positive and has quite a happy vibe to it. It’s a really good pop song. It’s catchy, upbeat, and is a really good song to dance to on a night out with your girl friends.

Lady antebellum – need you now

This is a bit of a throwback because it is quite an old song, and honestly I don’t know what made me start listening to it. I wasn’t really a massive fan of it when it was released, I only ever heard it in passing on the radio in the car. But for some reason I had it in my head one morning and just really wanted to listen to it. I really like the country/pop crossover thing the song has going on, and the contrast of the two vocal styles and tones is great. I just think it’s a really good song.


5 thoughts on “Tracks I was Loving. (Over the last two and a half months!)

    • Aww thanks very much! I know sometimes when I really love a song I can go on a bit of a rant with it, so it’s good to know I still make sense 🙂 ooh let me know what you think! How’re you?

    • Good, aww I’m sure it’ll be okay 🙂 I know how you feel, I’ve had two projects on and it’s been ridiculous! But they’re out of the way now and as you said xmas hols sooooooooooooon 🙂

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