Abbey Road

Hey everyone,

So I’ll be honest, I was going to post this Beatles-related blog on the 7th (so the day before I posted my piece on the death of John Lennon) so it was kind of like a tribute. But I have a deadline this coming Tuesday and it completely slipped my mind. So I’m posting it now, another short piece I wrote for a project last year on Abbey Road.

Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

It was 1969 when The Beatles shot their –now famous – cover for their Abbey Road album. Coming back 42 years on in 2011, the location is still a hotspot for tourists eager to also get their picture taken on the Abbey Road crossing. Isn’t it just a little extreme just to get your picture taken on a zebra crossing?

Look at the studio’s walls for your answer. Adorned in scribbled messages from inspired visitors, you can sense the profound effect The Beatles had on their audience right through to today.

So whether you think The Beatles were iconic or overrated, Abbey Road is a testament to how influential The Beatles were – they also paved the way for many other bands- and how music in general is; how it has the power to become part of your life.  Abbey road is a symbol of the influence that still lives on.


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