Summer’s over, blog update.

Hey everyone,

I know I’ve been blogging near enough everyday recently, but now summer’s over and I’m due back in uni this week. I’m going into my final year, so I’ll need to focus on that, and may not have as much time to blog as often as I have been. I’m not saying I’m going to stop completely, but it may be one or two times a week rather than every other day or everyday like it has been over summer, when I had more time on my hands. And to everyone that follows my blog and/or reads it regularly, follows me on Twitter or Facebook, I’d just like to say…Thank you! I absolutely love what I do and it’s awesome to me that others like what I do too. So thanks for sticking with me, because I really do appreciate it.

“I’ll be back” – if you’ve never seen The Terminator, you may not get that reference 🙂


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