Book Club: Matched by Allie Condie

Young teenager Cassia, lives in a society where it everything is out of your control. Who you marry, how many children you have, what music you listen to, your occupation, even what you eat, is decided for you by someone else. At first Cassia embraces this life, the only life she has ever known, but after a string of significant events and the more Cassia finds out about her community, the more she finds herself fighting against it.

When you reach a certain age in Cassia’s community, you attend a ‘match banquet’, that is, if you’ve chosen to be matched as opposed to remaining a single – never settling down with one fixed partner. At your match banquet your match is revealed to you, this is the person that you will get to know, fall in love with, and eventually marry and have children with. Initially Cassia is happy with her match; a boy she has known and been best friends with since they were children, but then when she reviews her match later on, she see’s that she could have been matched with someone else.

Curious, Cassia becomes increasingly drawn to finding out more about this boy who could have been her match, and after they are thrown together during hiking lessons, the two become irrevocably close. But this new relationship, is against all the societies rules, and will put everyone she loves in danger. After a rather painful experience, and some forbidden – but emotive – words left to her by her grandfather, Cassia uncovers things about her society that prove everything isn’t as perfect as the government officials may like you to believe.

I did enjoy this book, but it wasn’t a couldn’t-put-it-down kind of book for me, I read it at more of a steady pace. That isn’t to say it’s not a good book in any way, when I got to the end I was pretty eager to pick up the next book and see how the story progressed. I just think that after reading Lauren Oliver’s ‘Delirium’, which is kind of in the same vein, (dystopian, ruled by an insanely constraining government, falls in love, breaks all the rules etc) I found this story a little less enthralling. There’s a lot of action in ‘Delirium’, which kept me captivated, and I did think that some aspects of this story were a little predictable. I felt as though it kind of just plodded along, as I did reading it.

Though there were some really good points throughout the story, and a couple of times I did find myself thinking ‘I didn’t see that coming’. But like I said, it did pick up towards the end and it looks as though there may be a little more action in the next book. So I am looking forward to reading ‘Crossed’ to see how the story continues and how Cassia chooses to deal with whatever else is thrown her way. Will the war in the outer provinces spread? Will the society and it’s regimes crumble? Will Ky and Cassia find a way back to one another? As yet, these questions remain unanswered, ‘Crossed’, here I come.


2 thoughts on “Book Club: Matched by Allie Condie

  1. I was very interested to see what you thought of this book. At the start I really enjoyed it but it soon became very meh for me. I’m looking forward to reading Delirium so I can compare now! 🙂

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